Winter 10×10 wrap up!

wrap-upFor those of you who’ve followed me on Instagram, or just happened to have come across this challenge, you’ll know what it’s all about.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the 10×10 challenge, it was created by Lee over at StyleBee. I found out about this through Caroline of Unfancy, and decided that this time, I would take part (albeit a little late to the party!).

The idea is that from your wardrobe you pick 10 items and wear only those items for 10 days. Simple!

I’ve found it’s a great way of really getting to know what exactly is in your closet, and discovering new ways of styling what you already have. Who knew I’d end up wearing a dress as a top?

So…how did I find the challenge? Well, I loved it! It’s all just been a big learning curve. Some outfits just worked, some didn’t. But that’s all part of the fun, right?!

I expect you’re wanting to know what my 10 items were? As you can probably see from the photos above, I picked 1 x tee, 2 x shirts, 2 x jumpers, 1 x dress, 1 x jeans, 1 x coat, 2 x shoes. I felt that this was a good balance of pieces that could be worn on their own or layered underneath one another. Winning.

Out of all 10 outfits, there are a definite 3 that stand out as being very ‘me’. Outfits 2, 4 and 6 were my absolute favourites, followed closely by 1 and 9. My ‘hero’ piece from this challenge has to be my light grey chunky high neck jumper. I’ve found it to be extremely versatile (even more so than I already knew!) and it features in all 3 of my favourite outfits! Fancy that!

What about what didn’t work? Perhaps including a coat in my 10 pieces wasn’t such a good idea. I think I was really drawn to the idea of 10 pieces, in my eyes there was no wiggle room there. In hindsight, I could have included another bottom option and kept a coat separate to throw on if a)the weather called for it and b)if I was leaving the house. Maybe next years won’t include a coat?

Personally, I feel like outfit 10, although it’s comfortable and wearable still, just didn’t really work. For me, anyway. Outfit 3 as well, although it looked great, again it just wasn’t me. And that’s what’s most important here, finding your own personal style.

I really did enjoy my first 10×10 participation, and will definitely be joining in on the next one too. Lee and Caroline have already announced they will be doing a Spring version, and I for one cannot wait!


PS. If anyone is like me and likes to see everything laid out neat, see below the 10 items I included in my Winter challenge 🙂


Bonus: everything (except the Converse) was under £40!

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