Weekend in outfits 001


Happy Sunday evening all!

I thought I might make this a little bit of a regular over here, what do y’all think? It won’t necessarily always be my Saturday outfit, my Sunday outfit, as working in retail my days off are very rarely a full weekend! But, I like the structure of it, so, I’m rolling with it. Cool?

Having just come out of the Winter 10×10 challenge, I was so excited to see and wear the rest of my clothes again. But then, strangely, I actually felt a little bit lost. See, for the last 10 days it’s been very, very easy to get ready each day, a little bit of planning pre-challenge, and my daily outfits were as good as laid out on the side waiting for me.

So with it all coming to an end, the freedom to pick from all items in my closet was a tad overwhelming!

It did mean however, that I got to have the joy that comes with wearing something brand new for the first time. See, just before the 10×10 challenge started, I actually added a couple of pieces to my wardrobe (one of them being the denim shirt from the Winter 10×10!) but haven’t yet had the chance to wear the others.

These black joggers are something totally new to me. I’ve never worn joggers before. In fact, I’ve never really worn loose trousers before. I’m a skinny jean girl through and through. I’ve tried joggers in the past and I just end up looking ridiculous. BUT, I think I’ve found a winner here. These are so comfortable, and with a little bit of styling I think they really work. Plus did I mention they’re so comfortable!! Which makes them a winner in my books.

For my first venture in the world of styling joggers, I kept it nice and simple with a monochrome palette, and finished the whole look off with my favourite fedora (SPOILER: the fedora also appears in look 2!).

The necklace I’m wearing just added a little detail to the plain knit and black faux leather combo. It was a gift from my friend Sophie, who actually made it while she was on the trip of a lifetime in Finland! Lucky thing.

Look 2:


I told you the fedora appeared here as well!

Truth be told, I’ve just had a really bad hair weekend (ha!), so the hat was a must. Bonus that it really topped off both outfits nicely 🙂

Still on the theme of comfortable trousers, these are the Lucas jeans from Topshop. I was a tad sceptical at first because they’re meant to be more of a boyfriend fit, however on me they’re basically my beloved skinny fit just with more stretch and very slightly more room. I’ve now come to love them just as much as my black skinnies, they work really well through Spring and Summer, but also just change up the roll a little and I found they did their duty just as well for the cooler weather now.

Converse. I love Converse so much, they must be the only shoe I have ever owned that never give me blisters. Ever. Just sayin’.

As all my clothing pieces are very plain here I decided to add a little pop of pattern with my sweet little leopard print bag. And I am loving the leopard print against the blue of those jeans. Win win.

So as I said at the beginning of this post, I hope to make this a regular thing round here.

Though perhaps, depending on my work schedule, it should really be called ‘Days off in outfits’…


PS. Please forgive me for the poor quality of these photos. Note to self: must buy new lead for my camera!


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