Style Series | The Denim Shirt


Guys, this is something really exciting to me, and I’m hoping you’re going to love it just as much as I do! I’ve decided to label it the ‘Style Series’, but essentially it’s going to be one item of clothing, styled in 4 different ways, each week.

To start us off I chose a basic that pretty much everyone I know owns – it’s the Denim Shirt. Mine is from H&M (here) and was actually quite a recent purchase to replace an older number I had which had just become totally worn out.

About the fit
I actually sized up 3 (yes, 3!) sizes in this shirt. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a fitted style but I am never one for that shape – I enjoy food way too much to wear anything that will cling to my never ending food baby!

I love how long this shirt is. My previous one was a touch shorter and a lighter wash than this one, still nice, but I must say I am extremely happy with this purchase!

And now I’m going to show 4 ways in which I’ve been styling this piece.

Outfit one
Tee – Brandy Melville/Jeans – Topshop/Boots – Topshop/Hat – H&M/Belt – Matalan

This first outfit is possibly my favourite of the bunch (perhaps I should have saved it til last?!) because it is essentially a ‘me’ outfit. An ‘I feel great in these clothes!’ moment. Don’t we all just love it when that happens?

Styling notes: Shirt worn open as a jacket with band tee underneath, giving a little interest and a different spin on a plain shirt and jeans combo. Tee tucked into high waisted black jeans to contrast the long shirt and play with the proportions a little. Stud detail on the boots plays up to the ‘edgy/rocky’ nature of this outfit, and I am loving it!

I wore this out the other night to an open mic night in town, and just added my faux leather jacket over the top (it was freezing!) to make it a touch more UK Winter appropriate.


Outfit two
Jumper – H&M/Jeans – Topshop/Boots – H&M/Bag – H&M

If you follow me on Instagram, or read my Winter 10×10 wrap up! post, you’ll recognize this outfit from yes, the Winter 10×10 challenge!

This one is weather appropriate without needing to add a coat to step outside (that is unless it’s raining or snowing!) with this super warm snuggly jumper. *Not pictured – I’m also wearing a base layer underneath – I can assure you I was toasty warm!*

Styling notes: Shirt used as a base then layered on top of with my nice cosy grey jumper. As the shirt is longer it’s still poking out a little which is essential I think as I love the layered look! Cuffs just slightly rolled back, nothing too fussy. My leopard print bag adds a much needed pop of print and colour to this otherwise fairly plain outfit.


Outfit three
Joggers – H&M/Trainers – Converse/Bag – H&M

Now, here’s a new one for me! Denim shirt and…joggers?! I wasn’t convinced at first, but my overwhelming need for comfort won, and actually? I love it!

*Another outfit that may call for a thermal layer underneath! Or simply throw a jacket on over the top and you’re good to go!*

Styling notes: I do love a good half tuck. That is, tucking in the front part of your top but leaving the back half to fall loose. It just adds to the whole comfy and casual vibe of this outfit. Joggers pushed up slightly at the ankle and worn on my waist. White (ish!) lo top Converse finish off the look nicely. And of course the fedora is back. God bless that fedora and it’s power to cover the monstrosity that is my hair! Oh, and I love the cheeky pop of tan from the shopper bag, which takes this outfit from lounging at home to running errands!


Outfit four
Skirt – Topshop/Bag – Topshop/Boots – H&M

For this final outfit I wanted to show (and prove to myself as well) that a denim shirt can work for a more formal occasion. Okay, yes, it’s not going to be something that will ever work for a wedding or a formal party, however it can work for outings such as cocktails or a nice dinner with my boyfriend and friends.

As stated above, I sized up in this shirt, which is now not playing to my advantage for this outfit. It’s a little bulky around the middle, not uncomfortable when on, but noticeable all the same. Something I can live with, however, as I love this combination!

Styling notes: Even though I’ve just raved about the ‘half tuck’, on this occasion I’ve tucked the shirt in all the way round, to try and polish it up a bit. And to let that gorgeous skirt do all the talking, I simply added plain black ankle boots and a mini saddle bag. Sleeves are rolled up but with more care than previously, again adding that little bit of finesse to this outfit.


Well, that concludes this first ever Style Series post! Which outfit was your favourite?

I’m already looking forward to next week!



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