Is it ‘cheating’ to buy pieces in between capsules?

The short answer is no, I don’t think it is.

Let me explain myself a little further.

The idea of a shopping ban for 3 months, then purchasing any new additions in one fell swoop seems like a great idea doesn’t it? But then reality kicks in. For me personally, I can’t afford to buy multiple new pieces in one go, and let’s face it, the money I save by not shopping and splurging like I used to is still gone by the end of the month. Be that into savings, making memories or paying off any outstanding debt. Adulting, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, I spend no where near as much as I used to on clothes, or buy as much quantity. I’m a lot more thoughtful about what I’m buying, so if the perfect piece I’ve planned in for my next capsule update suddenly leaps out in front of me one day, I’d be silly to not go ahead and buy it, right?

This is the way that just works for me. And I’m going with it.

The first ever piece on capsule wardrobes I saw suggested 37 items was the perfect amount. Then I saw one that worked with 33. So I figured, why be so strict?

And that is the mantra I have stuck with. I’m not strict with myself. It’s a lot more fun that way!

As I said in my Winter 2017 Capsule Wardrobe post, my closet currently consists of 28 items. This will change as I transition it into Spring, and again for Summer (in my opinion the hardest season to dress for, but we’ll get to that a little further down the line!).

In January, I added 4 pieces to my Winter Capsule:
As mentioned previously, the denim shirt was simply a replacement for an older one that had had it’s day. This piece has worked for me year round, so it was definitely time to replace it!

Same with the t-shirt, I had a similar one in my Summer capsule last year but it was white…and one day my lovely dog got his mucky paws all over it and that was the end of that. I don’t know why I couldn’t shift the stains, I dread to think what he’d been doing! But anyway, this was also a replacement for that, and up until this one was added I only had my Rolling Stones tee in my winter wardrobe. This just gives me a few more options. Plus, I love brunch. Who doesn’t?!

The joggers give me a much needed extra trouser option as I have to admit I was struggling slightly with just 2 pairs of jeans! I’m thinking another pair will be purchased in time for Spring!

And finally, that jumper. The one I have in 2 colours. And debating adding a 3rd. I love everything about these. The shape, the colour, the feel. It just made sense to have another.

Oh, the belt? That’s a cheeky Brucey Bonus, as they say. No reason for this other than I needed a belt! I love the Western details on it and the silver hardware works with everything.


OK, so that was the long answer.

This is the way that works for me and I’m going to stick with it.

Are there any tips or ideas on purchasing or planning capsules? What works for you? I’d love to hear!

I’ve actually started to plan my Spring update already, so I’ll be sharing my process on how I go about doing that very soon!




2 thoughts on “Is it ‘cheating’ to buy pieces in between capsules?

  1. That t-shirt is awesome! Are you able to tell me where it’s from? (I’m obsessed with brunch)

    I don’t have any strict rules about when I can add to my wardrobe, I have a list of pieces I’m looking out for but occasionally i’ll find a piece that I know will work perfectly in my wardrobe and if that’s the case I’ll just get it then! The sticking to shopping just in a certain timeframe has never really worked for me! I’m also a bit of a bargain hunter – there is a store in Australia called County Road that will have sales every few months (like 25% off everything type sales) so i’ll scope things out and keep them in mind, and then pounce when they go on sale!

    (Sorry for the blog stalking btw but I’m really enjoying catching up on all your posts! Haha) 😉


  2. It’s from h&m! A little bargain 😊
    ah yes I remember that shop! (I went to Australia a few years ago) nice store! We don’t have it here though.
    That is pretty much exactly what I do! Have in mind the pieces and then if one pops up somewhere you bet I’m going to get it right then! 😀
    Oh thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying them all! xx


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