Style Series | The Oversized Knit

Happy Sunday all!

And Sundays round here mean one thing, it’s time for another post in the Style Series.

Today we’ll look at my favourite jumper and how I’ve been styling it over the Winter season.

I originally bought this jumper as a replacement for one I’d had for a couple of years, it was similar in colour but the fit was longer – great for with leggings, but I didn’t find myself reaching for it all that often.

I came across this shorter version a few months ago in H&M. It’s slightly shorter in the front which I love, but still has the oversized feel. It’s made mostly of synthetic fibres, but is 10% wool and 5% alpaca which makes it an extremely warm and cosy knit. I love wearing it with my thermal layered underneath, and on some days this is fine even without a coat!

Fit note: I’m wearing a size XS. I know! I’m never an XS, especially not in H&M and it’s weird sizing. But you guys, this jumper is huge! I actually think it’s stretched out a bit in the wash as well, which is fine for now but I’m really hoping it doesn’t carry on this way!

Onto the outfits!

Outfit one


Jeans – Topshop/Bag – Topshop/Boots – Topshop/Belt – Matalan

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen I posted a sneaky peek of this outfit a few days ago. I wore it on my day off and had my thermal top on underneath, meaning I didn’t need a coat to go outside. It’s a super comfy and casual outfit, perfect for a day or taking the dog for a walk.

Styling notes: Jumper half tucked in at the front, left to hang loose at the back, showing off the nice detail on the belt. Jeans rolled up just once. Big cuffs rolled back once.

Outfit two

Hat – H&M/Jeans – Topshop/Coat – Topshop/Thermal top – M&S

This is the kind of outfit I find myself reaching for time and time again. Skinny jeans and an oversized knit. Warm, comfortable and it just works! Perfect for running errands or just hanging out at home.

Styling notes: No tucking in here, I left the jumper to hang loose as I love the way it falls over my high waisted black jeans! Cuffs rolled up twice to show a little bit of the base layer poking out. I love the grey against the black! As this look is quite plain by itself, I added my checked coat to give a bit of colour and interest to the outfit. I love this on days when the thermal and knit on their own just won’t cut it!

Outfit three


Dress – H&M/Bag – Zara/Boots – H&M

Oh my gosh. You guys. This bag! I’m in love. It’s so detailed and a proper statement piece, I love how it can be added to any plain outfit for instant wow factor!

I wore this outfit to a friends birthday meal, it was actually during the Winter 10×10 challenge, if you were following along you’ll probably recognise it! This time though, I added this amazing bag to jazz it up a little more!

Styling notes: Simple and clean. I added tights because, you know, it’s cold. I think the fedora tops this look off nicely.

Outfit four

Shirt – H&M/Shoes – Converse/Bag – H&M

I loved the combination of my denim shirt under this knit, so here’s an alternative spin on that formula. I used my check shirt instead. I like this look, but only second to the denim version. I feel like an injection of colour is needed here, perhaps an option for a coloured shirt in my Spring capsule?

Styling notes: Sleeves pushed right up and shirt cuffs rolled back over the top of the jumper, giving a casual, undone look. Shirt also peeking out the bottom of the knit adding to the overall feel of this outfit. I added my leopard print bag here to try and inject some colour, however as I said above, I feel like a coloured shirt would have worked better here. I am however, loving the mini print clash (if you can even call it that).

Well there we have it for this week! I hope you like these outfits as much as I enjoyed styling them! Do you have a favourite jumper you reach for over and over?


2 thoughts on “Style Series | The Oversized Knit

  1. I love this style series! I’ve been meaning to do posts like this for ages (but lazy me never gets around to it!) you’ve inspired me though – next time I have a chance i’m going to try and take a bunch of photos so I have them ready to go!

    This jumper looks so cozy and comfy and I love how you’ve styled it! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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