A little shopping | London edition

After such a lovely weekend in London, I kind of thought it would be rude not to share with you what I bought, right?

So this post is a little different. It’s not going to be a regular type. But I’m so pleased with the pieces I did buy that I wanted to photograph them and write a little about them! Hope that’s cool 🙂

Not too long ago, a trip to London would have meant one thing – SHOPPING. And a whole lot of it at that.

But as I’m embracing the minimalist lifestyle, it’s becoming easier to hold myself back. I still don’t deny myself anything, but hey, this is literally a fraction of what I could have bought a couple of years ago.

Here’s what I picked up over the weekend:


So as we know, Spring is most definitely on it’s way. I’ve started the process of planning my next capsule already, and one of the pieces I was seriously lacking was this, yes it’s a basic white t-shirt. How boring, right?

But going into the warmer months I just know this is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe. It goes with everything. Seriously. I don’t even know how I didn’t have one in my closet already. But at least that’s fixed now!

006White V neck t-shirt – Brandy Melville

Recently I’ve found myself reaching a lot more for a smaller bag. Great, however my purse doesn’t actually fit inside any of my smaller bags. Well done, great planning.

I’ve been simply throwing my cards inside and almost lost them on several occasions, so I definitely needed a coin purse! They also had a flamingo design (linked below, as I can’t see the bear version on the website) which was also super cute.

Flamingo coin purse
 – Brandy Melville

Along with clearing out a lot of stuff, I also cut down on my jewellery collection. Over the years I’ve collected many necklaces, however I very rarely actually wear them. I got rid of 95% of my jewellery recently, and am now only purchasing better quality, more simple pieces.

I absolutely love this necklace. As I wear a lot of plain pieces, it will add a little interest to a basic top.

004Necklace – Oliver Bonas

And finally, how beautiful are these little bowls? I’m using them simply for holding smaller items such as jewellery or cotton wool pads (how exciting!) and they just add a little colour to their surroundings.

Mini bowls – Oliver Bonas

I’ve never shopped at Oliver Bonas before, but it’s now become one of my favourites, especially for homeware and jewellery!

So there we have it. I’m really pleased with these purchases and just felt like sharing them with you!

Have you bought anything recently? Or started planning for your Spring wardrobe?


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