Style Series | The Basic Black Dress

It’s Style Series time!

OK, so I’m really excited about this one because I’m styling my favourite little black t-shirt dress. This piece is super versatile, I included it way back in my Winter 10×10 challenge, where it came in extremely useful when I was running out of ideas.

Although long enough to be a dress (just!), I’ve been loving wearing this over jeans or with a longer coat or jacket over the top.

I bought this piece from H&M, and it was a bargain at £12.99. It’s not the best quality, and sometimes I do feel that I need a black vest underneath it, but I love it all the same.

It’s a piece that I feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing. And as I’ve said before, that’s what this is all about right? Finding personal style and what works for me. Well, this piece works.

Jacket – H&M/Bag – Zara/Hat – H&M/Necklace – Urban Outfitters

This first look is (I think) a perfect example of taking a basic item and dressing it up something fancy!

This is the kind of outfit I’d wear to an evening out, be it cocktails or dancing or dinner. Especially dinner as there is a lot of breathing room in this dress! (Win!)

Style notes: Kept it simple and classic with an all black combination, letting the silver accents on the accessories do the talking. And oh yes, that bag is back! I also think my faux leather jacket would have worked nicely here, as it would have given the look a little more edge.

Jacket – Primark (eBay)/Shirt – H&M/Bag – H&M/Beanie – Topshop/Shoes – Converse

Ah, my favourite combination of leopard print against denim. Why does it work so well?!

This is an everyday, comfy kind of outfit for me. I usually reach for jeans, however on days when I’m a little bloated or just don’t fancy the ‘restriction’ that comes with denim, this is perfect. Still comfy, super practical and cosy!

Style notes: Showing off layers for Winter here! I love the black on denim on black with a pop of leopard print. Converse make this the perfect outfit for a lot of walking, so taking the dog for a walk or running errands in town. My super soft grey beanie keeps me nice and cosy whilst adding a neutral tone (is grey a colour?!) to the outfit. I love to play up the layers so here I simply pulled the shirt sleeves through the jacket sleeves so they’re slightly longer, than did a quick messy fold back over the jacket to keep them in place.

Jumper – H&M/Coat – Topshop/Boots – H&M

You’ll probably have noticed I already styled a similar outfit in last week’s Style Series, only this time I’ve made it a little more casual. I love the combination of this pink jumper and checked coat together!

Style notes: Using the dress as a base and layering a cosy but lightweight knit over the top. When worn without the coat I love this outfit for just about anything! It’s super comfortable for relaxing at home but also appropriate if I need to go out anywhere, just add the coat and I’m good to go! A single roll on the jumper cuff makes this super casual – I just love how that jumper hangs! (Still debating the green one for Spring!)

Jeans – Topshop/Trainers – Converse

This is something a little different. I quite often find myself wearing this dress as a top, and I just wanted to show a few of the ways in which I do this.

  1. Front part tucked in, back left loose
    This works because of the material the dress is made from. It’s super lightweight and easy to tuck in just a part of it and let the rest hang loose. Now I have a basic black t-shirt in my collection! Then I can throw on any jacket or cardigan and I’m good to go!
  2. Just loose over jeans
    I’ve worn this quite a lot with my black skinnies and then jacket over the top, but I also love how it works with these slim boyfriend jeans. It’s the loose on top, loose on bottom combination which is winning me over here. Try adding another style of trousers with this – if you have a pair of faux leather skinnies I think this would look so nice with that bit of contrasting textures!
  3. Tied on the side
    Another option if tucking just isn’t working. On me this makes the dress fit a little tighter around my middle, not a personal fave fit, however it lends itself nicely to if I’m wearing just the jeans and dress (no jacket!) as you don’t get the same bunching of material you do in version 1. (This doesn’t bother me, but I know it would drive some crazy!)

So, that’s another Style Series over and done with!

Have you ever worn a dress as a top? What’s your favourite way to style your black dress?



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