Winter Favourites | Most Worn Pieces

With Spring fast approaching, I’m well underway with my capsule update plans. But today I wanted to take the time to look back over my Winter Capsule – more specifically, my favourite pieces and why I love them so much.

Here in the UK, we may still have a few weeks of Winter left. There was a rogue warm and sunny day last week which fooled me into thinking Spring was here, but alas, as I’m writing this, it’s just started hailing outside.

I think the heavier knitwear may be staying out a little while longer in that case! Is the weather this crazy anywhere else?

So I’ve pulled together this ‘mini capsule’, showing you what my most favourite items are from this season. You’ll no doubt recognise them as they are the most worn pieces in my entire wardrobe!


thermal long sleeved top/2 x lightweight knits

denim shirt/oversized knit/black dress

joggers/smarter jacket/high waisted skinny jeans

studded boots/fedora

Thermal: An absolute must for me through Winter. A friend said to me the other week she wondered how I wasn’t cold in some of the outfits I’ve been wearing. The secret is these thermal tops from Marks & Spencer! I seriously love them. They’re super soft and fit snug to your skin so there’s no unsightly lumps and bumps from them.

Lightweight knits: I absolutely love the shape of these. They’re actually an acrylic mix and only contain 2% wool, which I understand for some people is a no go. But I’ve worn these so much and they’re still going strong! There has been some bobbling occuring, which I’ve been tackling with a pilling comb and so far so good.

Denim shirt: What can I say? This has been such a staple piece for me over Autumn and Winter, and can safely say it will be carrying through into Spring and Summer as well. (see outfit ideas here)

Oversized knit: Super cosy and warm. What’s not to love? Absolute winning combination for when it’s extra cold outside is pairing this with the thermal underneath, and throw my coat over the top. (see outfit ideas here)

Black dress: Super soft, super versatile. I’ve been wearing this in so many different ways, and it’s actually made me come round to the idea of adding another dress in my Spring capsule (stay tuned!). I know! Who’d have thought it? (see outfit ideas here)

Joggers: These were a new addition this season, and I’ve been absolutely loving them! They’re just perfect for lounging at home but also great for running errands. Super versatile and I’m really pleased I got them!

Jacket: I’ve actually owned this coat for a few years, and just recently fell in love with it again. I absolutely love how I can take a super casual outfit and throw this smarter jacket over the top for a cool smart casual look.

High waisted skinny jeans: An absolute must. I’ve always been a huge fan of black skinnies, and the high waisted element just means more ways to play!

Studded boots: Perfect for adding a little ‘piz-azz’ to any plain outfit. I love these and I’ve not had them that long, but unfortunately they’ve already split! Will be replacing these with a better quality pair for Spring.

Fedora: I just love this hat! It adds a cool vibe to any outfit, whilst simultaneously hiding a bad hair day. Brilliant.

So I’m pretty sure this just looks like my selection from the Winter 10×10 challenge, right? Perhaps it’s because I really got to know those pieces over the 10 days, so now they’re what I reach for most? Has anyone else found this?

I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to the Winter pieces that aren’t carrying over, but also super excited to start dressing for Spring! Now, if only the weather could play ball…


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