Winter Favourites | Outfits

In Tuesday’s post, I covered my most favourite items and why they’re the most worn pieces in my Winter Capsule.

Today, we’re looking at some of my favourite outfits over the last season.


Looking at my outfits laid out like this is super beneficial to me in terms of pushing me in the right direction with my own personal style. Which is great!

Looking at these outfits laid out above, it’s crystal clear that I love black. Why? I just feel good in black. Black trousers especially. I pushed myself to try new denim styles, and even though I love my ripped denim slim boyfriend jeans, I still find myself reaching for the black skinnies or joggers over anything else in my wardrobe. To be honest, I’m impressed these jeans even got a look in in my favourites!

Secondly, I’m all about monochromatic looks. I don’t really do colour, and if I do, it’s just the smallest hint of it – yellow and brown in the leopard bag, a pink jumper so faded it’s basically beige, a red logo on a grey tee. Does denim count as a colour? I guess we can count blue in there as well, then.

And finally, I love a slouchy silhouette. I’m all about comfort, and I will not wear something that isn’t comfortable just because it looks good. The only piece featured above that’s fitted are the black jeans. Perhaps I’ve found my uniform? Slouchy on top, fitted on bottom? Or, even better, slouchy on top, slouchy on bottom?

Have you recently discovered your own personal style? Or your uniform? I’d love to hear your experiences!



2 thoughts on “Winter Favourites | Outfits

  1. Hey I’m obsessed with your blog and your style. I’ve just started s discovery phase about my style and your blog is helping so much! I’ve realised I love fitted on bottom, slouchy on top. I’m in Australia so looking through your winter posts now. X

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  2. hey! glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 I loved Australia when I was there and would love to go back! I guess you guys are heading into Winter now, hope the posts help although I’m sure you’ll have better Winter weather than here 🙂 xx


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