Transitional Week | How to plan for a Spring Capsule

Happy Monday!

This week on The Casual Stylist, I’ve got something a little different for you.

As I’ve mentioned previously (a few times!), I’ve been planning and prepping for my Spring Capsule wardrobe recently. And I thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride! Sound good? Good.

Over the course of the week, we’ll look at everything from planning and inspiration, to new pieces I’ve purchased for Spring, to transitional outfits using the pieces I have from Winter.

There’ll be a post every day, so plenty going on!

Today we’ll kick things off with how I actually go about planning a new season capsule.


Step 1. Empty the entire contents of your wardrobe. Yes, I mean everything. I pull it all out. Usually onto the floor. Then I take each piece at a time and consider its options:

  • Keep – This piece works for me, is in good condition and will be great for Spring. It goes back into the wardrobe.
  • Storage – I love the piece but it’s no longer seasonally appropriate. It goes into a drawer or box in my wardrobe until next season.
  • Charity/Recycle – If something no longer fits me it goes in the charity bag. If it’s something that has been well loved but has unfortunately now worn out, it’s got holes or an annoying stain that won’t budge, it gets recycled. (I usually take a bag to H&M, who do a brilliant scheme where they collect your old clothes and recycle them, and you get a £5 voucher!)


Step 2. Pull out any storage boxes I’ve had since last year. A lot of the time I can fill gaps in my wardrobe by doing this without having to purchase anything new. (more on this later!) Again, anything that’s damaged or worn out gets recycled. Any pieces I know will work this year go into the wardrobe…


…and pieces that don’t go into storage drawers.


Step 3. Once I’m confident I’ve got the most out of what I already have, I turn to Pinterest. You can see my Spring inspiration board here. I’m not one for following the latest fashion trends, but Pinterest is such a great source of outfit inspiration for any style or occasion. I use it every season to help piece outfits together, source new colour combinations and look for new silhouettes to try.


Step 4. Armed with my Pinterest boards and a pretty solid 25 (ish) pieces so far, I can then start to see where the gaps are. From the pieces I’ve already got, I can see a colour theme emerging. Whites and creams, greys and blush tones are grounded with black. Now I can buy pieces that will fit into this colour-wise as well as style-wise.

For example, I know already that I could do with a lightweight, casual jacket. Probably in a denim or khaki style. This then goes on my shopping list! I also use an app called MyDressing. I use this every season, you can add items to it then use it to make outfits up. I find it really helpful when planning a capsule, and also as somewhere to turn if I’m stuck for what to wear one day.


Step 5. Time to shop! I don’t buy pieces all in one go, instead choosing to spread them out over a couple of months. So for example, I already knew I needed a plain white t-shirt for Spring, which I purchased while I was away in London (see post here).

Well, there we have it. That’s pretty much the process I go through each time I update my wardrobe.

I’m curious, do you have a similar system? Or something totally different? Do you wait and buy everything together or spread it out like I do?

See you tomorrow for a transitional outfit, and come back on Wednesday when I’ll be looking at each piece I’ve pulled from storage in a little more detail!


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