Shopping my wardrobe for Spring

I’ve seen a lot of these types of posts around recently, where people look through their closet to find something they haven’t worn in a while and then try to style it in new ways to fall in love with that piece all over again.

Well today I’m going through something similar. As part of my process for planning my Spring capsule and transitioning from season to season, I like to pull out my box of Spring and Summer pieces I haven’t seen since last year. It really is like a little shopping trip right in the comfort of your wardrobe!

Once I’ve pulled everything out of my wardrobe and put back in only the pieces I’m taking through to Spring, I then have a look through last years Spring/Summer pieces to see if there’s anything I have really missed which will work for me now.

During this process I also get rid of a few things, anything where the quality isn’t there, or it doesn’t fit well anymore. I do love a good clearout!

I’ve actually pulled 8 pieces from storage that will be coming into my wardrobe for Spring, so that’s a whole host of new outfit possibilities without even spending any money!

Here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve got:

(Heads up – there’s a lot of neutrals and light tones going on!)



Cami top – Perhaps slightly hopeful for UK Spring, but I’m excited about the possibilities of layering this piece!

Grey linen tee – I got this a couple of years ago, and as it’s 100% linen it’s perfect for warmer days. Plus it’s a lovely mottled grey – what’s not to love?!

Stripe fringed top – From last years Spring capsule. A basic striped top with a little more edge!

Cream blouse – Also from last years Spring capsule. I loved this under my dungarees for a different take on a smarter look. 

Check jumper – Lightweight knit with a bit of print! I know, right?! Easy to throw on and go.

Pink midi skirt – As it warms up this will be a great option to keep cool, without having to bare too much leg!

Black dungarees – Oh, how I have missed you! I love these, can’t wait to start wearing them again!

Beige trenchcoat – Loose, flowy and super lightweight. Great for throwing over a simple outfit as an extra fancy layer. Bonus – it’s from H&M’s Conscious Collection, which means it’s made out of recycled materials. Lovely.

I’m super excited to see these pieces again and can’t wait to start styling them!

Now I’ve got the basis of my Spring wardrobe, I can see where the gaps are and what I need to buy to enable me to have the best small wardrobe which will work all through Spring.

Have you shopped your wardrobe recently? How is your Spring wardrobe coming together? Would love to hear!

Look out for the New In to my capsule wardrobe post, coming on Friday!


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