Transitional Outfits | Winter into Spring


Today I’ve got another transitional outfit for you.

I absolutely love this look. I remember seeing something similar on Pinterest ages ago, and fell in love with it then. I already had the pieces, I just hadn’t styled them together before. So, thanks Pinterest!

There’s something about this outfit that I just absolutely love. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is though. I really like the contrast between the smarter top half and then the more casual jeans and trainers bottom half.

It’s the perfect transitional look, I can simply remove the jacket if it warms up during the day. And if it’s a colder day, again I can simply add a thermal layer underneath the shirt, or throw a jumper on over the top. This shirt works so nicely under jumpers because that frill hem always peeks out. Again, perhaps swap out the trainers for boots if it is really cold!

Do you mix smart with casual pieces? What’s your favourite place for outfit inspiration?


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