New In & Wishlist

It’s the final chapter of transitional week here on The Casual Stylist, and today we’re having a nose at the new pieces I’ve added to my Spring wardrobe, as well as pieces that are still on my list to buy.

Remember I said I definitely needed a casual jacket? I still haven’t found ‘the one’. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

This time (so far) I’ve bought 6 new pieces for Spring, including one pair of shoes. I’ve also been given one piece as a gift from my friend.

So, let’s get into it!


From L-R

White V neck t-shirt – Love how versatile this piece is. Plus it’s 100% cotton, so nice and breathable for when the weather warms up.

Long t-shirt – Added a little splash of colour with this one, it’s not the best quality but I’ve had a white version in the past and they hold up really well!

Check shirt – After coming to a halt with ways to style my cream and black check shirt last season, I decided the problem was not the item itself, but the colour. I was layering it with other pale colours and this resulted in ending up wearing only with black jeans and nothing else. I think this green will be the solution though! Easy to wear, durable and great for layering with my knits.

Cropped grey jumper – This was given to me by a friend who did not wear it anymore. It’s a lovely mohair and wool blend cropped jumper, which is perfect for styling with skirts and jeans, and for pulling on over t-shirts and shirts!

Lightweight knit – A gorgeous cotton and linen blend lightweight knit. It’s slightly longer at the back, so I love the way it falls when on. Perfect for warmer days.

Long cardigan – Super versatile piece I’ve already been wearing lots! It goes with everything – how did I not own a cardigan previous to this one?

Studded boots – My absolute fave. I owned a pair of these years ago, and I wore them so much they eventually disintegrated (literally)! I have had a cheaper pair but the quality just wasn’t there, they’ve ended up coming apart already after less than a year of having them. When I saw these I knew I had to have them again! They’re leather so much more durable. And, bonus, I got them on sale! I can’t wait to wear these.

I’m yet to get a few final pieces before I feel like my Spring capsule is complete. Still on the list are:

  • Lightweight jacket
  • Spring shoes (something that isn’t boots or Converse – but still with that level of comfort!)
  • Patterned dress
  • A new pair of denim skinny jeans – I know the ones I want, just need to save up for them!
  • Thin stripe cotton t-shirt

Well, there we have it! A whole week of transitional themed posts!

No Style Series post on Sunday, instead I’ve got something slightly different (but along the same lines!) to share with you next week.

Be sure to check back very soon as I’ll be sharing my Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

Have you enjoyed the posts this week? Are you transitioning your wardrobe right now as well? And do you have ‘wishlists’ or do you stay away from them? I’d love to know!


2 thoughts on “New In & Wishlist

  1. Hey hun! What a lovely blog!! I really like your style. Could you look at my blog and give me a few pointers? Tell me what I am doing wrong??

    No one is reading it! I even posted it on Facebook for my 900 plus friends to see, but hardly any of them have liked any of them! Could you begin looking at my blog, following me and liking some of my posts? Maybe get other people you know to do so as well? Thanks!!


  2. Hi! Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

    Your blog looks nice, but also if it’s quite new it will take a while for people to start finding it and reading it. I’m no expert on this, but I believe there are some handy posts on wordpress about starting and growing your blog. Good luck with it! 🙂 x


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