Transitional Outfits | Winter into Spring


I actually bought this cardigan to go with pieces in my Spring capsule, however it’s working so well with what I have now, I’ve been wearing it a lot already. And no, it’s not ‘cheating’ – I don’t believe in being so strict with my capsule wardrobe. Because it should be fun, right?

So, yes, I’ve been wearing something recently that isn’t a part of my Winter capsule. But that’s what this week has been all about! Transition time. I’m transitioning from Winter clothes in Spring clothes, and there’s going to be an overlap!

Knowing the unpredictable British weather, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point I’m pulling back out my super warm oversized knit and thermals. But hey, so what?!

Now, a little about the outfit!

I love how these pieces work together. Stripes + grey + black = ♥

Because this cardigan is so long, I thought it would be nice to have a play with the proportions here, so I tucked the top into my high waisted jeans and added the belt to finish it off.

If I get too warm, I can simply remove the cardigan and still have a nice, put together outfit. And on colder days, I can just throw my jacket over the top for a cool layered look.

This outfit is perfect for just about any occasion, and I’m totally in love with my new wardrobe addition!

Have you purchased anything new for Spring? And are you mixing and matching pieces now, or swapping everything over in one go?



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