Let’s try it with black, shall we?






Following on from Monday’s post, today we’re looking at another way to style this outfit with accessories.

As yesterday’s look was so fresh and Spring-like, I wanted to try something totally different today.

Enter the black accessories. All black everything!

By simply tucking in the jumper, it creates a whole new shape to the outfit. I kept the sleeves rolled up, but with less care this time. I added my studded boots and long necklace to give the outfit a bit of a ‘cool/edgy’ vibe, and the fedora finished it off nicely.

This is the perfect outfit for me – the kind of look I’d happily wear to go just about anywhere. It’s more ‘styled’ than yesterday, with more accessories and stuff going on, yet I still don’t think it looks over cluttered.

What do you think? Are these outfits working? Are we getting a different look each time?


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