And finally…something a little different!




Wearing a jumper tied round your waist like this…does it remind anyone else of being a kid?

I always felt that I wouldn’t be able to ‘pull this off’ as an adult, but do you know what? I don’t think I really care! It’s a super practical way of taking an extra layer with you, without having to take a bigger bag to carry it in. And that’s a winning solution, right?

OK, yes, this outfit is slightly different from what I’ve been working with this week. But it still has all the same components, it’s just the styling that’s different.

Truth be told, I used up my ideas already. Then this happened! A cool, practical and comfy way to wear my favourite jumper. Perfect for when the suns out, but it dips cooler again later on.

This time, I’ve teamed my leopard bag with the cognac open toe boots to accessorize, and I love how they add a splash of warm tan through the look.

This is the kind of outfit I think would be perfect for a sunny beer garden afternoon, just add sunnies and I’m good to go. The lightweight cotton tee is great for during the day, then I’ve got my jumper ready to layer on come evening. And, no big bags to lug round with me! Perfect ♥

So tell me, do you think these styling posts have worked? Or did every one just look the same? Have you ever played with the same outfit but different accessories? And did it work? I’d love to hear!

The Style Series will be back this Sunday, and then next week is Spring Capsule week! I’m so excited to share my Spring Capsule wardrobe with you!


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