My go-to outfit formula





Slouchy on top, fitted on bottom.

This has long been my go-to outfit formula.

Most days I wear a version of this look – skinny jeans and a slouchy jumper/top. It’s just easy, practical and most of all comfortable.

It’s the perfect starting point for almost all of my outfits. From here, I can simply add different layers and accessories to make the outfit suitable for any occasion or weather situation.

For example, I wore this outfit one day last week to go to the cinema (FYI – Beauty and the Beast was amazing!). It was sunny and mild, but when the wind kicked in, oh, was it cold! So I simply added a huge woolly blanket scarf which kept me warm, plus it was a great little blanket to beat the chill of the air con in the cinema.

Now, I know those slipper style shoes are not to everyone’s taste, but I can’t tell you how comfortable these are! Sure, they felt a little strange the first time I wore them, but I’m totally used to how they feel now.

I’m really intrigued by the whole outfit formula and the idea of a ‘uniform’ and how to adapt each look for different situations. I already took a brief look at this when I styled the same outfit in 3 different ways (first post here!) using different accessories to create a different look. I really enjoyed that mini series, and it’s definitely inspired me to try something similar again!

So, what’s your go-to outfit formula?


2 thoughts on “My go-to outfit formula

  1. Hi there, it’s great to have a ‘uniform’ and yours looks comfortable and chic, most of all the shoes 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this x


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