stepping away from black jeans…






stripes + denim + cognac

I have always been a devoted black skinny jeans lover. I never wore blue denim. Ever. I don’t even know why. Once I found black skinnies in my teens, that was that. You’d have to force me out of them.

However now, I’ve welcomed not one but two pairs of blue denim into my wardrobe. My ripped knee slim fitting boyfriend jeans and the latest addition, a pair of slim leg jeans. And I’m absolutely loving styling them! As the denim is so much softer than black, I’ve found it pairs with cognac accessories really nicely, and is a great alternative going into the Spring/Summer months.

The boyfriend jeans featured in this outfit are from Topshop, and they’re not your typical boyfriend jean fit. I’ve tried that (I’ve tried straight jeans in an effort to step away from black skinnies as well) and they do not suit me.

I’ve found these to be perfect for what I was looking for. They’re a softer and slouchier denim, meaning they’re extremely comfortable, and even though they fit fairly close to my leg, there’s still enough room to create a few creases in all the right places. And around the ankle, there’s plenty of room which plays more towards your typical boyfriend style jean.

These have been a solid staple in my wardrobe for the last year, and I’m excited to start styling them up for Spring!

So, more about this look!

Style notes: I love wearing these jeans with the cuffs rolled up just once, but quite a chunky roll. In the past I’ve made a narrow roll, twice, but I just don’t love it the same. I paired these jeans with my gorgeous fringed striped top, another piece I’ve had since last Spring. I love this for the warmer months as you can really let the top do all the talking without having to hide it underneath a chunky coat. And finally, the ‘bookends’ to this outfit are my cognac accessories. I’m currently loving pairing the boots and bag together in one look.

This outfit has to be one of my current favourites, I just think it’s perfect for sunny days in the park or the (beer) garden. Come on weather, buck your ideas up please!

Do you have a favourite style of jeans? And have you ever had any piece where you’ve had to step away from it after people think it’s actually become a part of you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “stepping away from black jeans…

  1. Hiya Kirstie, that’s another great look – quite soft but very practical. The delicately frayed hem and sleeves give a very relaxed vibe to the whole outfit xx


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