Style Series | Denim

After stepping away from black jeans… the other day, I thought I’d take a little more in depth look at styling some outfits without falling back to rely on my trusty black skinnies.

That’s why today I’m sharing these 4 looks with you, styled around blue denim. I used both pairs of blue jeans I own rather than just one, as I liked the flexibility of having 2 options to use.

Let’s get on with the first look, shall we?


look 1
stripes + loafers + jacket

Style notes: I love the mix of smart and casual pieces clashed together in this look. The jacket has quite a smart, almost blazer-like quality to it, and when thrown into the mix with ripped denim, slouchy stripes and casual loafers I just love the end result! These jeans always have a turn up, they just don’t look right without. Here, I’ve gone for a small roll, just because! I added black accessories to finish off the look.


look 4
volume sleeves + loafers + saddle bag

Style notes: I love how fresh this outfit feels. Nice and light and airy. For me, it’s the perfect combination as we go into warmer months here in the UK. For this look I paired my new slim jeans with this blouse, again clashing casual and smarter pieces. To further play this up, I decided to turn up the jeans a little. I love the black bag and shoes to bring this look together. Personally, I wouldn’t add any jewellery to this look, as I like to let those sleeves do all the talking!


look 2
band tee + leather jacket + Converse

Style notes: A more edgy and rocky take on blue denim. Here I added my Rolling Stones tee and tucked it into my slim jeans, finishing it off with the western style belt. I then went all out black – converse, faux leather jacket and fedora – bringing the whole look together. I left the jeans unrolled here as I liked how they sat over my hi-tops. Pushing up the sleeves on the jacket gave a bit more shape and style.


look 3
blush + grey + cognac

Style notes: Finally, something completely different. This look is super relaxed and comfortable, perfect for lazy days chilling out at home or popping out to the shops (or pub!). This time, I gave the boyfriend jeans a single, larger turn up which I love next to the white Converse. I went for all out soft colours here, very Spring inspired and super casual!

And there we have it! What did you think? Are you more a blue jeans or black jeans person? And which is your favourite look? As someone who’s still trying to step away from black jeans, I’d love to know how you style up your blue denim!

I’ve got some ideas for posts in April which I think are gonna be super fun, including joining in with the Spring 10×10 remix, as hosted by StyleBee and Unfancy. Hope to see you there!



3 thoughts on “Style Series | Denim

  1. Hi, there’s some lovely fresh looks there. My favourite is the white blouse, very feminine and floaty and you can’t go wrong with some stripes! Blue denim is a bit more spring-like than the black also. The photos are lovely 🙂

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