black + white + beige







Oh look, it’s black jeans again!

I love how classic and put together a simple monochromatic outfit can look.

Combine that with the effortless style of a trench or duster coat, and there’s one easy and ready to go outfit formula.

This outfit is incredibly simple, a basic white tee and black skinnies. But I feel the third element of the jacket really elevates this look and takes it from being super basic to looking well thought out and put together.

A classic beige trench coat is one of those pieces that almost everyone owns. I like how this one plays to my own personal style a bit more, the boxy shape and soft lapels fit into my wardrobe much better than a belted, smart trench.

Originally from H&M (I got it second hand off a friend), it’s part of their Conscious range, which means it’s made fully or partially from recycled materials. As I learn more about ethical and sustainable fashion, it’s nice to know I already have pieces and have taken steps in that direction (albeit unknowingly!).

This outfit is a pretty standard formula for me;

skinny jeans + slouchy top + long layering piece

It’s perfect for warmer days as the jacket is so lightweight. I also love how the silver on the belt buckle and silver studs on the boots pick each other out. Sometimes it’s all in the details!

I’d love to know, do you have any tips or recommendations for sustainable clothing? Any shops or websites I can keep in mind for next time I do my capsule update would be greatly appreciated. Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “black + white + beige

  1. Hi just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest. Your spring capsule looks amazing. Having caught up with all your posts I would find it very helpful if you could link to the items you are wearing in that post. Looking forward to more inspo from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi Nicola!

    Thanks for the lovely comments, I can certainly link to pieces (or similar if not available) in my posts going forward. Thank you for the feedback!

    Hope you continue to enjoy 😊



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