Spring 10×10 remix challenge

spring 10x10

It’s Spring remix time!

If you haven’t heard of the 10×10 remix challenge before, it was started by Lee of Style Bee, and again this time she has teamed up with Caroline of Un-Fancy to host this challenge! I’m super excited to get started!

This time around I was a little unsure of when exactly to start the challenge, as we have a week in Cornwall planned for the second week of the 10×10. However I decided to go along with it after all, it makes for less packing and a lighter bag right?!

So, with that in mind, I started to plan. Here’s a little step by step of how I like to go about it:

  1. Check the weather. Always. Spring in the UK can be all over the place, luckily the forecast looks to be pretty consistent – mostly sunny and an average temperature of 12 degrees. I usually find once the sun’s out it can feel warmer than that (fingers crossed!).
  2. Make a list of activities already planned in over the next two weeks. As I said, I have a week in Cornwall which will be mostly walking and sightseeing, plus dinner out for my mums birthday and another birthday party.
  3. Once I’ve got that info, I start pulling pieces I know I’ll wear. I wanted comfort, ease and something that could work for during the day and also be dressed up for the evenings. Quite a broad expectation but I think I’ve accomplished it nicely.
  4. Finally, fill in the gaps keeping to a fairly neutral colour palette (I just find this is easier, personally!).

And that’s all the steps! Easy, huh?

I love this challenge because it forces you to make outfits out of limited options, sometimes things you wouldn’t necessarily have put together before, all from the comfort of your own wardrobe without having to purchase anything!

So, what pieces make up my 10×10 challenge capsule?

In total, I included:

  • 3 x tops
  • 3 x bottoms
  • 1 x dress
  • 1 x outer layer
  • 2 x shoes

In further detail, these are:

  1. White tee – An easy to throw on and go closet staple. Something that will work with everything!
  2. Striped top (old – link to similar here but pricey!) – Another staple. Long sleeves but lightweight so will be good for those sunny days!
  3. Grey jumper – A lightweight linen blend jumper which I can easily layer over a thermal if needed.
  4. Slim jeans – I thought it would be fun to include these after my Style Series post the other day, encouraging me to continue wearing blue denim!
  5. Dungarees (old – similar) – A nice alternative to black skinnies, plus they’re super comfortable for wandering round all day.
  6. Midi skirt (old – similar/similar) – I included this piece as a nice option for when I have things going on that day, but also it’s a great piece to dress down for a comfy casual look.
  7. Long cardi (old – similar (my actual coatigan!)) – I knew I would need a layering piece for cooler days, however I didn’t want to include my coatigan as I’ll be taking a warm jacket and waterproof for walking days anyway.
  8. T-shirt dress – This makes an appearance again, after proving itself so versatile in my Winter 10×10, I knew I had to include it again. Doubling up as a top as well, I know this will come in useful!
  9. Converse – A comfortable and practical (ish!) shoe perfect for days wandering the Cornish coastal towns.
  10. Tan booties (old – similar) – A great option for dressing up an outfit, yet still comfortable enough for during the day.

I was slightly nervous this time when I got everything together as I realised I’d only included 3 solid top options (+ 1 dress that can work as a top!), however with the addition of more bottom options than the Winter remix, I’m confident I can still create good outfits, and potentially end up with even more combinations!

I’ll just say here, any loungewear or sportswear still carries on in the background as usual!

So there we have it! Are you joining in with the Spring 10×10 remix challenge? What have you included in yours? Make sure to join in on Instagram using the hashtags #spring10x10 #unfancyremix #stylebee10x10 so everyone can follow along with you!

And finally, be sure to check back on Monday to see the first outfit from this remix! I’ll be posting a new outfit each day Monday – Friday, taking the weekend off (meaning I can get any washing that needs doing, done) and continuing the following Monday. Hope to see you there!


5 thoughts on “Spring 10×10 remix challenge

  1. Great selection! Everything seems so comfy. I’m in Day 3 of my first challenge & not feeling it. My boyfriend jeans & dress are swelling me whole😳. And, I’m down right cold. Will I be able to make it? I feel like I have nothing to wear😫.


  2. Why not swap a couple of pieces if you need to? I know plenty of people who do – remember there are no rules!! It’s just meant to be a bit of fun 😊

    For example, I haven’t included a coat or jacket in my 10 items, but I’ll definitely be keeping one nearby just in case I need to throw it on over the top one day!! And some people don’t include shoes, instead choosing to have 10 clothing items and wear shoes freely 😊

    I hope you find the combination that works the best for you!



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