Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 1

IMG_20170410_200504_231 (1)

Jeans + Jumper + Booties (similar)

It’s the first day of the Spring 10×10 remix challenge!

And it’s also the day I realised, I probably would have been better starting this challenge tomorrow as it’s the beginning of my holiday. But no dramas, I’ve still put together a quick and simple, yet comfortable and practical outfit suitable for a few home errands after work today.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take a photo of it on, though from the flatlay I’m sure you’ll get the idea!

Nothing crazy going on here, just simple clean lines and familiar silhouettes. Nice and basic to ease into the challenge!

I love the grey jumper paired with the lightwash denim, to me it just screams relaxed, casual vibes. And as I only ended up wearing this at home, I simply swapped out the shoes for warm cosy socks!

These jeans are the latest denim addition to my wardrobe, and so far so good! As you know I’m trying to rely less on black skinnies and trying to make myself reach more for other options in my wardrobe. It felt like a natural choice to include these jeans in this challenge.

Fit note: (Jeans are W28 L32 for reference) These jeans don’t have as much stretch as other Topshop denim. They’re still a super soft feel, but without as much give around the waist. I’m still breaking them in but pretty confident they’ll get to that lovely worn in stage very soon! I love the flattering straight leg on these, and how although they’re a skinny fit, it’s not a battle to get my foot through the ankle hole each time I want to wear them!

So that’s my 10×10 remix well and truly kicked off. I’m now beginning some time off work so will be much more on top of taking outfit photos throughout the rest of the challenge!

I’ll be posting flatlay photos of my outfits daily on my Instagram, and from tomorrow, full outfit photos on here, along with a little insight into my thoughts on the outfit plus a closer look at one of the ten items I’ve chosen each day for the next ten days! How exciting!

Apologies for my lack of organisation, but I’ll be back with a bang tomorrow with outfit number two!

See you then,


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