Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 2






Dungarees (similar) + breton (options) + Converse

Here’s outfit 2!

What did I tell you? I’m back today much more organised and with a proper look at how this outfit functions for real life.

It’s the first day of my time off today, so I’m spending it mostly running errands and hanging out at home. This outfit works for both as it’s super comfortable but also a little cool, so more than appropriate for going out the house!

We have another simple and familiar silhouette today, dungarees plus a loose fitting top. I’m sure at some point during this challenge I’ll be pushed to try styling these pieces in different ways, but for now it’s all about familiarity and easy dressing.

The weather today is mostly sunny, but still pretty cold – it was around 8 degrees when I popped out earlier. However with the sun shining, I could feel the warmth from it so a coat wasn’t necessary. If I was venturing out later this evening, I could simply throw a light jacket over the top.

FYI: I haven’t included any jackets or coats in my 10×10 selection, but if needed, you bet I’ll be grabbing one guilt free. This challenge is all about having fun, after all : )

Style notes: Remember how I’m trying to experiment more with other bottom options, rather than black skinny jeans all the time? Well, these dungarees are essentially the same thing, just with a little extra cool factor. I often find myself reaching for these when I need black skinny jeans, but want something a bit more exciting! Luckily, they’re already a flattering length on me so no need for turn ups, and I simply tucked the top in all the way around (as I move, it billows out nicely) and added white(ish) Converse into the mix for a cool and casual look.

Focus on: Breton top
I love a good breton top, and this one is no exception. I found this in Zara early last year, and immediately fell in love with the mix of stripes and fringing. It’s the perfect boxy shape and the three quarter length sleeves are ideal for this time of year. It also has alternating textures on the white sections, giving it a little extra piz-azz (as if it needed any more!). 

How are you finding the 10×10 challenge so far? I’m curious to know, do you include outer wear or shoes, or keep those separate and stick to 10 clothing items? Let me know!

See you tomorrow for outfit 3!



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