Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 4





t-shirt dress (similar) + long cardigan (similar) + Converse

For day 4 of the Spring 10×10 challenge, we have had another dark, grey and chilly day.

It’s also been a day where I didn’t have anything planned until the evening, meaning we have finally made a start on sorting out our garden.

As most of today has been spent in paint splattered clothes, I wanted to create something a little nicer for the evening. Nothing massive, just a small family meal at my Aunts house – I think I can just about brave the bare legs in the car and from the car to the house! (If I had gone out during the day I probably would have put tights on too – I’ve really felt the chill today!)

Style notes: As with yesterdays outfit, this one is also about playing with proportions. I love the shorter dress with the longer cardigan layered over the top. For some reason it just feels safer? Do you have any dresses or skirts like this? It’s actually a good length by itself, but I do like the extra security the long cardi brings! I went with a simple monochrome palette for this look, and accessories wise kept it clean with a long pendant necklace and my trusty fedora hat. The converse make the outfit feel super relaxed and Spring ready – even if the weather is not!

Focus on: T-shirt dress
As you may know, I included this dress in my Winter 10×10 challenge (see wrap up post here) and was so impressed with its versatility that I decided to include it in the Spring version too! I must admit, I’m not finding as many new ways to style it this time, but as I got so much out of it the last time around I’m not worried. It’s such a great piece in my wardrobe and I am kind of worried it might wear out soon…I’ll for sure be on the hunt for a nice sustainable replacement when it does!

That’s it for today! Short and sweet.

Has the weather been playing up where you live? And have you swapped any pieces out because of it? I’m toying with the idea of replacing the midi skirt I originally included in my 10 pieces because the weather has changed it’s mind and is now all over the place, so I think I may need something a little more climate appropriate! There’s no such thing as cheating in these challenges, right?!


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