Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 6




dungarees (similar) + boxy jumper + Converse

Hello from Cornwall!

We’re here for the whole of this week with my family, and we’ll be mostly spending our time walking or exploring the local area.

Mostly I’ll be wearing really unexciting sports gear and walking stuff underneath my warm padded jacket, and my 10×10 clothes, or my actual clothes, will be reserved for evenings chilling at the cottage or going out for meals.

Even though I may only wear these outfits for a short time this week, I’ll still be sharing them with you and continuing the challenge!

Onto today’s outfit!

Today has been one of those days described above, we went for a walk along the coastal path which definitely called for more technical clothing, (it was beautiful by the way, you can follow along on my Instagram stories to see what we get up to this week if you like!) so this dungarees outfit was simply a comfort option for relaxing at the cottage afterwards.

Style notes: A simple monochrome palette works well here, I went for the warmer of the 2 jumpers I included in my 10 pieces for cosiness value, with one neat roll at the cuffs for practicality. I didn’t add any accessories or overcomplicate the look, just kept it nice and easy for an evening in with family. The converse were indeed swapped out for cosy socks!

Focus on: Dungarees

I’ve had these for a couple of years now, and considering they were such a cheap buy they’re actually holding up really well! I’ve been super impressed with the quality and fit of these, and I love how they’re slightly cropped so they sit at a flattering point on the ankle. There’s also pockets everywhere – extremely handy when you’ve got a dog and you need as many pockets as possible to fill with treats and bags!!

I can’t believe how quickly this 10×10 challenge is going! How is everyone finding it this time? I’d love to hear your experiences!


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