Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 7




Breton (options) + slim jeans + cognac booties (similar)

Here we are at outfit number 7!

A nice and easy, throw on and go type outfit for me today.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably already know that today we have been to see some alpacas and even take some of them for a walk! Quite the experience!

I knew I needed a simple and comfortable outfit for today so chose this effortless combination. When in doubt, Breton stripes and denim are a pretty sure fire way to go, right?

Even though the tan booties are comfortable in their own right, I did end up swapping them for my trainers as we weren’t sure what the conditions would be like at the farm, and it seemed silly to not wear trainers in the end.

FYI: trainers were not included in my 10 items, but were part of the additional items (mostly sportswear and technical items) that I brought to Cornwall.

Style notes: Nothing really to report on here, as the styling is very basic. The only thing really going on is the different roll on the hem of my jeans. I’m usually one for a simple, straight cuff, but this time I thought I’d mix it up and try and messy roll as suggested by Caroline of Unfancy. To get this look I’ve simply made one large deep cuff, then rolled again but only from one side, creating this messy, undone look. I have to say, it was a great idea in theory. But I think with these jeans it just doesn’t really work. They’re quite a short length on me already, and rolling up more than is necessary is a bit counter productive, and actually gives the impression that my legs are shorter. I’m glad I tried it, because if you can’t experiment during a 10×10 then when can you, but I’ll be leaving this style of cuff to other jeans!

You can also see my Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 2 and Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 5 for a more detailed look at the Breton top and jeans : )

See you tomorrow for look 8! Almost reaching the end of the challenge now, are you still finding inspiration?


4 thoughts on “Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 7

  1. Hi Kirstie, my favourite outfit so far! I love the raw edges on the top and fair play to you for experimenting with the cuffed jeans, even if it didn’t quite work out as you would have liked, Lorraine (Minimal-Lol)

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