Spring 10×10 remix | Outfit 10


black dress (similar) + boxy jumper + cognac booties (similar)

Made it! This is the final outfit of the Spring 10×10 remix challenge, and I sure am excited to see the rest of my clothes again tomorrow!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, because I want to take the weekend to reflect and think about what worked and what didn’t during this challenge, and have a proper look into it on Monday.

So with that in mind, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Once again today has consisted of out and about exploring, calling for trainers and sports gear. Super exciting, right?

But this evening, we headed out for a meal at the local pub as it’s our last night in beautiful Cornwall before heading home tomorrow.

This outfit is perfect for this occasion, it’s more dressed up than I’ve been during the day, but still nice and casual and suitable for a quiet meal down the pub. I actually ended up wearing this over leggings in the end as by this time the weather had dropped pretty cold!

Style notes: This is a formula I discovered during my last 10×10 challenge. Until then, I’d never thought about wearing a jumper over a dress, but I actually love how this combination works. I think as this jumper is slightly cropped and super boxy, it falls really nicely over the simple black dress. I then cuffed the sleeves a little to tidy it up a bit, and again, added cognac accessories for the warm tones throughout the look.

Focus on: Boxy jumper

I actually hadn’t included this in my original 10 pieces, but ended up swapping it for the blush midi skirt due to the weather changing. I’m so glad I did! It’s a nice lightweight jumper but has been a great warm layer to keep off those coastal winds. So far I’ve found the quality of this to be pretty good, it’s from H&M (main collection, not conscious) so is mostly made up of synthetic fibres, but it’s holding its shape really well. It comes in a few different colours and I love them all!

So, that’s a wrap guys!

Remember to check out the hashtags going on Instagram (#spring10x10, #unfancyremix, #stylebee10x10) for lots of inspiration from the challenge, and I’ll see you on Monday for a wrap up post!


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