Spring 10×10 remix | Wrap up!

10x10 outfits

Happy Monday!

It’s my last day off today before back to work, and what better time to take a look back at the Spring 10×10 challenge!

For those of you who may not know what this is all about, it’s essentially a style challenge where you choose 10 pieces from your wardrobe and wear only those 10 items for 10 days, creating 10 different outfits.

That’s the backbone of the challenge, how you interpret it is up to you! For example, I included 8 clothing items and 2 pairs of shoes, however I know some choose to not include shoes in the 10 pieces, instead they can swap in and out as much as they like.

I’ll be honest, I took this challenge a lot more light hearted than I did the last one. During the Winter 10×10, I stuck religiously to those 10 pieces with no wiggle room. This time however, I changed it up a little, even choosing to swap out one piece part way through (more on that later!).

Before we get into the ins and outs of my 10×10 experience, I just want to say thank you to Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Unfancy for hosting this challenge, and creating such a wonderful community around it. There’s been so many inspiring posts on the Instagram hashtags and so many kind words and positive comments, it makes me really thankful to be a little part of such an amazing community! (Search #spring10x10, #stylebee10x10, #unfancyremix to see what I’m talking about!)

My 10 pieces:

  • 4 tops
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of shoes

spring 10x10 final pieces

Were the clothes I picked weather appropriate?
For the most part, yes. The first week was still a bit cool with some sunny spells so everything I had worked well. During the second week in Cornwall we were blessed with gorgeous warm sunny weather on most days, however I still felt I had good options to work for the warmer days.

I made the decision around day 5 to swap out the blush midi skirt for another jumper option, as despite checking the weather forecast, British Spring is super unpredictable and I felt I just wasn’t going to get the wear out of the midi skirt. I hadn’t worn it yet and didn’t feel guilty about swapping it out because really, it’s all just a bit of fun, right? I am pleased I switched it out for the cream boxy jumper because this gave me a few more options, and actually ended up being in one of my favourite outfits! (number 10, FYI!)

Did I wear anything that wasn’t included in the 10 pieces?
Yes. During our holiday I needed suitable walking clothes and some more technical layers, so some days I only ended up wearing my 10×10 outfits for a few hours in the evening. But that’s OK! Because come on, I’m hardly going to walk 5 miles of coastal path in jeans! So yes, a lot of the time was spent in yoga leggings, trainers and my padded jacket, but my 10×10 outfits were always there for once we’d got refreshed and fancied a meal or drink out, or the days when we weren’t doing so much walking. I also had my faux leather jacket as I just loved how it went with the black dress!

What did I learn about my own personal style?
From looking at the pictures it’s pretty obvious I don’t do a lot of colour, instead choosing neutral tones to build outfits, then maybe adding some interest through a bag or a hat. I also don’t wear much jewellery, only occasionally adding a necklace here and there, or my watch. I love wearing complimentary tones as well, so pairing the rose gold on the watch with the rose gold on the necklace, and having my shoes and bag in matching warm cognac is something else I’ve discovered I actually really like.

Did I discover any new outfits?
Nothing groundbreaking, instead this time seemed to be all about comfort and simple dressing. In fact, pretty much all the outfits I’ve worn before or least worn a version of them. I think the decision to include my cognac open toe boots opened up a lot of new-ish outfits as they’re not usually something I’d pick over boots or converse. So I guess that kind of counts as new outfits? Look 10 was the newest for me, although it looks eerily similar to one I wore during the Winter 10×10 only this time without the jeans, which I think is what made it work much better this time around.

Favourite look?
Probably outfit 2, I just love the stripes with the dungarees and converse for an easy, casual look.

Least favourite look?
That’s quite a tough one as I did love them all and found them all extremely easy to wear! Let’s go with outfit 7 – although I love the base of the outfit, I wasn’t a fan of how I’d cuffed my jeans, and that’s enough to make it my least favourite!

What am I taking away from the challenge?
That it’s OK to bend the rules a little bit, that I have a new found love for matching accessories and that the 10×10 community is awesome! Plus it never fails to amaze me just how many outfits you can put together from so few items!

And with that in mind…

Here’s a couple of bonus outfits from the same pieces!

And how about these other options – perhaps I’ll try these at some point too!

  • black dress + dungarees + converse
  • white tee + jeans + cognac boots
  • striped top + black dress + cognac boots
  • striped top + cardigan + jeans + converse

There’s so many combinations you can create from only 10 pieces! I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this challenge again, even if at some points I was flagging a little.

So tell me, have you taken part in this 10×10 challenge? Have you done one before? Or perhaps you’ve been inspired and will take part in the next one? What’s your favourite look from my selection? I’d love to hear! : )


One thought on “Spring 10×10 remix | Wrap up!

  1. Hi Kirstie, well done on completing the challenge – I really liked your approach to it. I’m tempted to join in the next one! Lorraine (Minimal-Lol)


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