A ‘haulternative’

Wow, where did the week go?!

I’m super late with this post, but this week, life got in the way. That’s just the way it is sometimes, and I don’t want to put any pressure on myself to force a couple of posts a week just because. We all need a little R&R at some point, right?

After seeing so many great posts and ideas of ‘haulternatives’ and various other offerings off the back of Fashion Revolution Week, I got inspired to see what I could do to bring newness into my wardrobe without adding to a greater problem.

Cue today’s ‘haulternative’!

I had a rummage through my storage boxes and picked a few things I know I’ll be reaching for come Summer – that’s a whole load of new outfits without making any purchases already!

  1. The Ripped Knee Skinnies

I’m sure these have shrunk during their time away in storage ; )
These are a nice alternative going into Summer, as you know I’m never too far away from my trusty black skinnies, and the ripped knee effect somehow makes a black pair of jeans feel a little more summery, doesn’t it? I’m tempted to take my scissors to these as well to give them the raw hem and update an old favourite to feel like something new.


2. The Cropped Boxy Stripe

I’ve had this for the last couple of years, it’s a 100% cotton striped t-shirt. It feels really nice quality and although a bit weightier than my usual summer top, still keeps a nice breeze circulating due to it’s boxy and cropped shape.


3. The Boho Kimono

I do love a bit of a statement jacket! I got this last year and wore it loads through the summer as it’s such a nice piece but also super easy to wear and throw on as a cover up for when there’s a bit of a breeze around. I’ll no doubt be wearing this all summer with different varieties of jeans and white tops!


4. The White Cami

Remember when I over-excitedly pulled this out for my Spring capsule? Yeah, that was way too eager. But it’ll for sure have a place in my Summer wardrobe! I love how versatile this is, and easy to dress up or down as well. Perfect for a capsule environment! : )


5. Birkenstock Arizona sandals

Purchased these last year after a couple of recommendations, and I practically lived in them last Summer! They’re super comfy and go with everything. Only problem is, there is unfortunately only a short window of UK weather when you can actually wear them…but that’s OK, during that time they certainly earn their place in my Summer wardrobe!

So there we have it! Have you shopped your storage boxes recently? Or done a different version of a haulternative? I’ve seen lots of homemade pieces from #memadeMay but I’ll never be that handy with a sewing machine! A pair of scissors to my jean hems will have to do for me!



(all images from Pinterest or Google)

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