Vintage Kilo Sale

This past weekend, my friend and I ventured over to Stoke for a vintage & pre-loved kilo sale.

Having never been to one before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was basically a huge room filled with rails and tables of clothes, shoes and accessories. On your way in you got given a bin bag sized carrier, and on the way out you pay £15 for every kilo of clothing you’ve got! Simple : )

I’ve never really been able to get into vintage shopping, to be honest I just can’t stand the idea of trawling through endless rails, but after Fashion Revolution week I’ve really been thinking about how I can do my part in reducing waste in the fashion industry as well as not contributing towards the problem.

Time to try my hand at thrifting!

I’m fully aware how many people do this kind of thing on a regular basis, and actually end up with 50% or more of their closet as thrifted, or second-hand, items. To these people, I truly admire you! You must have some serious patience, which I lack ; )

However saying all this, I did come away with 2 pieces that I’m really pleased with!


  • Vintage oversized Levi’s denim jacket
    I’m so pleased I found this! Yes, it’s pretty oversized and I’m not actually sure I can pull it off, but oh it is so comfy! I haven’t really had a denim jacket in the past which I’ve truly loved, they’ve always been ever so slightly ill-fitting in some way, so perhaps this could be the one? I think so.
  • Frayed Levi’s denim shorts
    Perhaps not one for a huge amount of time in the British summer, but I can’t be the only one who thinks you must own a pair of denim shorts, right? They’re a nice and comfortable fit, and best of all, they’re not too short! I feel suitably covered up in these, which is more than can be said for a lot of the styles in shops.


I really wasn’t expecting to find such good quality pieces, so I’m super happy. Still slightly disappointed that there was no sign of any vintage band tees, which is what I went hoping to get. Perhaps this is for another thrifting spree?

What’s your experience with vintage shopping? How many thrifted items do you own? And what’s your best ever find? I’ve love to hear your experiences!


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