What I wore in Berlin


I’m back from a sunny weekend in Berlin, and following on from the packing list I shared, I thought it would be fun to show you what I actually wore whilst there.

It turns out I actually overpacked! I know! Before I went I was assuming that there would be time to return to the hotel and change before going out in the evening, however looking back I should have realised this was never going to happen.

So I never got to wear my black t-shirt dress or slip on shoes, instead living in Converse and jeans for the entire weekend. Hey, no complaints here : )

Here’s a little breakdown of the outfits over the weekend:

The weather was lovely and warm, so I only carried my jacket for the cooler evenings and when the sun went behind clouds.

Converse were 100% the right footwear choice as we ended up walking around 25km over the whole weekend!

And although I didn’t need my scarf once in Berlin, it sure was handy on the plane and in the car home.

Here’s a few snaps of what we got up to over the weekend – those pancakes were incredible and yes I could eat them right now!


Have you got any weekend trips planned? And what do you tend to take with you? Do you find you don’t end up wearing everything you originally planned and packed?

Have a great week!


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