Capsule wardrobe updates

How about that? The weather appears to be on the up! At least where I live anyway, the last few days have been gloriously sunny and the temperatures are definitely rising.

All planning for my Summer capsule wardrobe is fully underway, and I have even purchased one or two pieces already to help with the crossover from Spring into Summer.

As well as purchases, you may have seen my recent ‘haulternative’ (a haul from my storage boxes) and coupled with the new additions, the wardrobe switchover has already started.

With the weather now looking like perhaps Spring and Summer has finally arrived in the UK, I thought it would be fun to share with you how I’ve been updating my wardrobe so far, before the full Summer capsule kicks in.

may updates pre summer

As you know, seasons don’t change overnight, hence why my capsule update is usually quite a lengthy process, starting now I expect to be fully in my Summer capsule by mid-late June. Yes, we’ve got hot and sunny days right now, but I also expect there to still be rain and cooler days before Summer truly arrives, hence this weird crossover-in-the-middle phase.

Of the pieces I’ve added in for now, 3 have been pulled from storage, 1 is a vintage find, and 2 have been purchased new.

The pieces I’ve started to take out and pack away until next year are on the right, and they mostly consist of warmer jumpers made of cosier materials. Basically, out with the wool, in with the linen!

Unfortunately the long sleeved stripe top has already been relegated to lounge/pyjamas as the first time I washed it, it came out a totally different shape and with a hole appearing on the seam. A moment of clarity for me, and another reason to edge further away from the fast fashion industry.

So, have you started to plan your summer wardrobe yet? Have you made any changes already? And is the weather picking up where you are? I hope so!


Shop ‘in’ pieces here:

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