Current wishlist


Just a quick one from me today, I thought it would be fun to share with you some things that are currently on my wishlist for my Summer capsule wardrobe. As you may know I’m well into the planning part already, and have had a nice big sort out of what I’ve already got as well.

Now that payday is finally here (woohoo!) I can start to make some considered purchases for my Summer wardrobe.

Here’s what I’m currently loving, with shopping links below if anything takes your fancy too : )


  1. Culottes
  2. Blush linen mix tee
  3. Off the shoulder dress
  4. Jumpsuit
  5. Rose gold Birkenstocks
  6. Stripe linen mix tee
  7. Striped top
  8. Metallic trainers
  9. Embroidered dress
  10. Lace dress
  11. Embroidered tee
  12. Black embroidered dress
  13. Rust linen mix tee
  14. Sandals
  15. Black dress

I’m loving a fairly neutral colour palette, with accents of pinks and burgundy thrown in, plus metallic accessories.

What are you currently loving for your Summer wardrobe? Any purchases? Let me know if you purchase anything from the list above! : )


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