Flashback to Berlin




top / jeans / jacket (vintage) / converse

Seriously, where has Summer gone?!

Yesterday was cold, wet and miserable, and definitely didn’t feel like June. For the first time in a few weeks I needed my denim jacket in the morning to walk to work, until then I’d been very comfortable without it thanks.

This outfit, as the title of the post may suggest, is one I wore back in Berlin in mid May. I’d packed super light for the trip, so just one bottom option for the weekend, but pairing the black skinnies with this summery lightweight top was a winner for Sunday when the sun came out and it was a very pleasant 21 degrees.

Fitted on bottom, slouchy on top.

A tried and tested foolproof formula, I believe. The top and jacket together are oversized but balanced out with fitted jeans. I’m loving this vintage Levi’s denim jacket, at first I wasn’t convinced I could ‘pull it off’ as it’s so oversized, but in the past I’ve tried many denim jackets, all of which were ill fitting and uncomfortable. And personally, I think comfort wins over whether or not I’m ‘pulling it off’. What do you think?

This was super comfortable for a day of exploring Berlin. Although I packed my black slip on loafers, I actually ended up wearing my trusty white converse all weekend – they’re well broken in so extremely comfortable, and as an added bonus they go with absolutely everything!

I’d love to know, do you have anything in your closet you’re not sure you can pull off, but love to wear it and wear it anyway? I think it’s so important that you love what you wear, and who cares if someone else disagrees, right?


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