Monochrome again




tee / jeans / birkies

Ever since I got this tee back in February, it’s been a firm favourite in my wardrobe. It’s 100% cotton, a relaxed and flattering cut, and has some distressed detail on the sleeves and hem. Plus it’s super versatile and goes with practically everything else in my closet! I can’t believe I didn’t own a classic white tee previous to this one.

My favourite way to wear it at the moment is just like this, with jeans and birkenstocks for a classic, casual look.

As both the tee and jeans are plain and simple pieces, I like to add a bit of interest in the form of my small leopard print bag. A little pop of print to break up the solid colours and add a little fun to the outfit.

Tee + Jeans, 3 ways:

  • Tucked in all around, giving a neat finish and clean look
  • Front tuck only, making the look a little more relaxed
  • Left to hang loose, not so much a favourite of mine as the tee is fairly long and I have quite short legs as it is!

So there we have it, a week of outfits! I really should have entitled it ‘how many ways can I wear black skinny jeans over and over’, but being honest, I do tend to wear black skinnies 90% of the time, no matter how hard I try to push myself in other directions, I always come back to them!

Do you have an item you wear basically all the time? Or like me, try and push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit but always end up coming back to your old favourites?

Be sure to check back next week, it’s Capsule week! I’ve got 3 posts coming your way, including sharing my Summer 2017 capsule wardrobe with you on Friday. See you then!


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