Spring wrap up | Lessons learned

Hi! Hello!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, ours was pretty hectic as we helped out some friends with their street food business at Parklife, fun but definitely tiring, let me tell you!

Anyway, this week is Capsule week! We’ll be looking at my inspiration for my Summer wardrobe, how I went about putting it together and on Friday I’ll be sharing my 2017 Summer capsule wardrobe with you : )

Today, we’re kicking things off with a bit of a Spring wrap up, and what I’ve learnt this season.

Most worn pieces

spring most worn

TOP L-R: linen mix jumper / black high waisted jeans / white tee

BOTTOM L-R: denim jacket (vintage) / dungarees (old) – similar / long cardigan (old)

You may have noticed these items on repeat through the season. We all know by now just how much I love my black skinny jeans, and these will always have a place in my closet. These items are my most worn based purely on their ease to style and comfort factor. The denim jacket was a late addition, but nevertheless has earned it’s place here as I’ve barely taken it off since I’ve had it.

Least worn pieces

least worn

L-R: faux leather skirt (similar) / blush midi skirt (similar) / white blouse (similar)

Why are they the least worn?

These three pieces are all ones I love on paper, but in real life just haven’t lived up to the expectations. The faux leather skirt is something I’ve had since last Spring, but I’ve only really worn it a couple of times this season – something to do with how tight it’s become! Seriously though, at the moment this skirt just isn’t suitable for me. It’s going into storage until I’ve hit the gym again! Plus, the material isn’t so suitable for warmer weather, I’m wondering about adding a similar style in a lighter material, what do you think?
The pink skirt will stay through into summer, as we just didn’t have the weather to give it a proper go, although the times I did manage to wear it I loved it. And the white blouse is really just a little on the smart side for my every day look, it worked well for a couple of evening drinks but I don’t feel like it’s earned it’s place in my wardrobe for now.

Lessons learned

  1. I love neutrals, but remember to add a bit of colour. Not going to shy away from this anymore, I’m definitely a lover of all things neutral – white, grey and black – but I do like to have a few pieces in a couple of accent colours to compliment these tones, as well as for the rarer days when I do feel like adding some colour.
  2. I love black bottoms. Remember my Denim Style Series and stepping away from black jeans… posts? Yeah, that’s just not me. I tried something different and discovered that actually, once in a while is cool, but on a day to day basis I don’t love it all that much. And that’s ok! I’m still learning and discovering new things about my personal style each season, and I think it’s important to try new things even if they don’t quite work out after all. Although every now and then I like to mix it up with a denim option on bottom, time and time again I just can’t help but reach for black jeans. So this season, even though it’s Summer, I’m going to be embracing black and darker bottom options, and using the lighter tops and pops of colour to liven them up.
  3. I prefer natural materials over synthetic ones. Although this will be a gentle process, I’d love to eventually have a wardrobe made up of entirely natural material products. Example: the long sleeve striped top I purchased for my Spring capsule was 100% polyester and fast fashion. After one wash it was so misshapen it was unwearable and unfortunately was relegated to loungewear straight away. So I guess actually, this is two lessons in one. Still moving away from fast fashion, and also more towards natural material products.
  4. I’m still going to make mistakes. After all, I’m still learning a lot about ethical fashion and making more ethical choices. Although I feel I’m on the right path, sometimes I will slip up and at these times I need to remind myself that it’s all a learning curve.
  5. Try to include a bigger variety of styles in each capsule. Although I loved my Spring capsule, after a while it did feel as though I was stuck in a rut of always wearing basic plain t-shirts and jumpers. And although I like this style, I definitely feel it would be nice to have a few options with perhaps a little more detail – for example, a printed tee as well as many plain options. You know, for something a little fancier but still easy to style every day. For Summer, I know my style tends to go further towards the boho side of things, but I’ll still include super casual and laid back pieces so I can flit between the two easily.

Now it’s your turn. What lessons have you learned from your wardrobe this season? Any goals for the next seasons closet? And what are your most worn pieces? I’d love to hear!


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