Style Series | Jumpsuit part 2



Hello! : )

This week we’re looking at 3 ways to style this gorgeous White Stuff jumpsuit.

At 100% viscose, it’s about as far away from my goal of transforming to a natural fabrics wardrobe as you can get, however I just couldn’t resist! I think it’s because of that stunning print, and how lightweight and airy it feels, perfect for Summer.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really one for baring a lot of skin, but I still need to keep cool, and this jumpsuit ticks those boxes for me.

Fit note: This jumpsuit runs true to size. I’m usually somewhere between a UK 10-12, and I got this in the 10. FYI, it looks huge and sort of shapeless on the hanger, but once it’s on and you’ve tied the drawstring waist it’s completely transformed! Can be a slight pain to get on due to the amount of buttons and wiggling my shoulders through the arm holes, but I can forgive it that for how good I feel when I wear it.

Today we’re looking at a more casual way to wear this jumpsuit, or how to ‘dress it down’ if you will. See, at first, I’d almost convinced myself that I wouldn’t wear it as it’s quite a fancy piece, but as Monday’s post confirmed, I’m absolutely loving it with simple black Birkenstocks.

So, how else to dress it down and make it feel more of an everyday piece? Why, add converse and a denim jacket of course! I love how the simple styling move of adding a basic jacket has totally transformed the look of this jumpsuit.

I’d wear this look day to day, running errands and even taking the dog for a quick walk. Perhaps not so much right now as I’m pretty sure I’d get a bit of a sweat on in that jacket in this heat. But even still, it’s perfect for the evenings once the temperature has cooled off a little. And by adding converse rather than sandals, it takes it right back to totally casual and comfortable. Plus, I like how the white converse pick up the white highlights in the print, a nice little extra there!

Be sure to check back on Friday for the final look! : )


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