Style Series | Jumpsuit part 3 + bonus outfit!




Hi, happy Friday! : )

This week we’ve been looking at 3 ways to style this jumpsuit and today we’re on the third and final (ish – keep reading!) look.

Fit note: This jumpsuit runs true to size. I’m usually somewhere between a UK 10-12, and I got this in the 10. FYI, it looks huge and sort of shapeless on the hanger, but once it’s on and you’ve tied the drawstring waist it’s completely transformed! Can be a slight pain to get on due to the amount of buttons and wiggling my shoulders through the arm holes, but I can forgive it that for how good I feel when I wear it.

Aaaand we’re back with pairing cognac accessories with black. I can’t help it, I just think it’s such a classic and timeless combination.

This time, I added a belt to the jumpsuit, which exaggerates the waist even more than the drawstring on it’s own. In hindsight, I’d perhaps use a different belt, or at least tuck that belt tail up, but this is what we have, so let’s work with it, OK? : )

I feel that the addition of the cognac accessories take this jumpsuit miles away from Wednesday’s casual outfit, and right back to a smarter and perhaps more sophisticated look.

I’ve had those shoes and bag for a while now, but until recently in Spring hadn’t purposely paired them together. The shoes, while smart and suitable for evenings and some fancier occasions, remain comfortable with a small heel and ankle strap to keep them in place. And the bag, well, I often find myself carrying the kitchen sink around in it, so definitely a roomy and practical bag!

Bonus look!


This is how I would style this jumpsuit for a smarter evening look. I also think it would look amazing with pops of colour in the form of matching shoes and necklace as below.


Let’s take a quick look at the 4 variations shall we?

4 jumpsuits.jpg

My absolute favourite still has to be look 1. It’s so simple and effortless yet I think it looks great. A real star for me, and I’ll definitely be rocking this look all Summer long!

Which is your favourite? And how do you style your jumpsuits?


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