Why I’m implementing a shopping ban in July

Hello, happy Monday!

Can you believe we’re really in July already?! This year is going so fast!

Today I’d like to share with you why I’ve decided to put a shopping ban in place for the month of July.

Since I started having a capsule wardrobe, my excessive shopping habit has certainly minimised, and I now feel confident I can shop freely through the year for my capsules without going overboard.

However, after saying in my summer inspiration post that I was happy I had a good selection of items already and had only purchased a few pieces, when I came to pull my summer capsule together it came as quite a surprise to me that I’d actually purchased twelve new pieces.

As I’d spread them out a bit more, I hadn’t noticed the total creeping up. Yes, I was in dire need of actual summer clothes, but I certainly hadn’t anticipated how quickly it seemed I was falling back into old habits.

One saving grace was that the Fat Face sandals I linked to in my Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe post had actually sold out in my size when I came to order them. However on another rummage through my storage boxes, I uncovered these lace up beauties I bought 2 years ago, still in great condition and in a style I personally prefer.

However, payday rolled around, and I couldn’t resist this gorgeous 100% cotton boho style top I’d had my eye on for a few weeks. I had originally intended to wait for my Autumn update, but when the temperatures dropped again I decided to go for it. Remember when I said I was on the lookout for a printed top? Yeah, that’s long forgotten about. This top is the perfect replacement for one I had a couple of years ago that literally disintegrated I’d worn it that much.

boho top and sandals 2

So yes, it definitely seemed as though I was slipping back into my old ways. That’s why I’ve decided to introduce a shopping ban once again, for the month of July. I think this is the perfect time to do it as we have the wonderful 10×10 challenge (hosted by Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Unfancy) summer version kicking off next week, where I’ll be wearing only 10 pieces for 10 days. I’m also going to do another one towards the end of the month when I have some time off work, so lots of opportunities to find new ways to style old favourites (and those new additions!).

I’m really happy with my current wardrobe, so there is absolutely no need for me to cave and get spendy once again! Instead, I’ll be using my money to make memories and spending time with friends and family.

Have you had a similar experience? Ever felt like you’re slipping into old habits, or that your shopping habits are perhaps out of control, just like mine were? I’d love to hear your input on this, is twelve new pieces for a quarterly capsule too many? How often do you buy new pieces?

boho top and sandals

boho top / sandals – old


7 thoughts on “Why I’m implementing a shopping ban in July

  1. I know exactly what you mean about slipping into old habits. It’s so easy to keep adding another “perfect” piece instead of working with what you already have. I wish I wasn’t in the opposite season to you so I could do 10×10 challenges with you and the other bloggers!!

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  2. I’ve definitely gone backwards recently instead of continuing to work towards my closet goal! Oh no, you could still join in though 😊 yours could be an ‘alternative’ 10×10 😀 x


  3. Definitely in the same boat. So far in my capsule wardrobe journey I haven’t bought less, but my style has definitely become more defined and I’m more conscious about what I actually like to wear. I buy almost exclusively secondhand but that still shouldn’t give me permission to shop without intention!

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  4. that’s so good, I admire you for buying a lot of secondhand! I’m not the best at this in shops, although I do use eBay for a bit of buying and selling when I can 🙂 x


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