My minimal jewellery collection

Jewellery is never something I’ve given that much thought about.

It’s funny though, you can put all your effort into putting together a really nice outfit, but sometimes a simple necklace or a fancy pair of earrings are what finishes the look off and brings it all together.

I’ve never really owned an awful lot of jewellery. When I was in my teens I used to try really hard to accessorise my outfits but it never came naturally to me, and I ended up with a whole pile of cheap rings, necklaces and earrings that I never wore.

Now, I have just a small collection of jewellery made up of

  • 6 necklaces
  • 2 bracelets
  • 2 statement earrings
  • small selection of basic stud earrings
  • 1 watch (not pictured)

Although my selection is small, I like to try to have a variety of styles so that I won’t get bored.


(all necklaces old/not available online)


tassel earrings (on sale!) / tassel bracelet (on sale!) / Pandora leather bracelet and charms / coconut wood ear tunnel / deathly hallows earrings – old/gift / arrow earrings – old

As you can see, I love a mix of pieces from dainty silver pendants for layering, to tassels for making a statement.

I also have my Olivia Burton rose gold watch (similar vegan friendly version here) and a few basic stud earrings for my lobes. The rest of my ear piercings still have the original jewellery in from when they were first done. I don’t own any rings, they’re not something I feel comfortable wearing, not until I get married anyway!

Will I buy more?
For the most part, I’m happy with my minimal jewellery collection, however I feel there is a gap perhaps for the Summit necklace from Wakened Apparel. I love this style and even better, it’s ethically made and 10% of the sales go to supporting Rhino conservation around the world. My birthday is in a couple of months and this will definitely be on my list!

Do you have a minimal jewellery collection or do you like to have more choice when it comes to accessorising? Let me know!


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