Summer 10×10 | Outfit 2



It’s day 2 of the Summer 10×10, and I find myself asking “what’s happened to the Summer weather we were having?”

When I planned my 10 pieces, the weather forecast looked to be pretty good, with temperatures around 20-21°C with some sunshine. But the last two days have been grey and drizzly almost all day!

Luckily, after work I’ve just been home or taking the dog for a walk in the evenings, so these outfits are still fine for those activities. If I was out and about a bit more, I’d definitely have reached for my denim jacket already.

We’ve got a few warm and sunny days coming up (fingers crossed!), so I’m hoping I can pull out the more summery combinations soon!



Ah, this outfit is so much nicer in the sunshine!

Style notes: I love the simple white cami paired with the ripped denim and birkenstocks, I think it’s such a classic, timeless summer combination. The dainty necklace gives a bit of interest to the neckline, and I added the kimono as an extra layer for a bit of warmth! Today, as I said, it’s raining and grey and a miserable 16°C. That’s why I ended up pulling my raincoat over the top for a little dog walk, and adding socks instead of the sandals for home after! This outfit is my perfect summer go to look, I often end up wearing a similar combination throughout the most of Summer!



cami (old) / jeans (similar) / birkenstocks

See you tomorrow for outfit number 3!


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