Summer 10×10 | Outfit 3



Hello, happy Wednesday!

In case you missed it, we’re getting into the full swing now of the Summer 10×10 challenge. 10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days. It’s never too late to start if you wanted to join in! Plus, there’s a wonderful community over on Instagram, where you can follow along with others doing the same challenge. I always love this part of the challenge as there’s so many great ideas and inspiration on there to help you out and encourage you if you’re flagging a bit (usually by day 6 or 7 for me!).

What was I saying yesterday about the summer weather? It seems the weather gods must have heard me, because today has been a mild improvement on the last couple of days, with highs of 21°C and sunshine, with only a few clouds around.

Today has been my day off, so activities were pretty minimal. I took care of some stuff at home in the morning, then this outfit saw me through running a few errands around town in the afternoon, as well as a dog walk in the evening.

As there were still a few moments when the sun was behind a cloud, I ended up wearing my denim jacket over the top of this dress. The jacket itself isn’t included in my 10 pieces, but I always said I had every intention of grabbing it if needed in this unpredictable British Summer.

Style notes: Not much to say here, this outfit is nice and simple, and a dress or a jumpsuit always goes a long way in making it look like you’ve made an effort. I love how this dress falls, and it comes to a good length on me – I’m still not confident in getting my legs out (mosquito bites and all!) but I’m hoping by including this dress and the skirt in my 10 pieces for this challenge, I can conquer my fear and become a little braver in baring some skin! I added my metallic Superga trainers to make this look a little more casual, and perfect for running about town. The tassel necklace adds just that little bit of detail against the plain black of the dress without being too fussy. I just love tassels in summer!

And just FYI, you definitely need a good bra with a dress like this. I usually go with a black bralette, because then even if it does poke out, it’s not too noticeable! Plus, super comfort points because no underwire – yay!


dress (similar) / Superga trainers / necklace (sold out) – similar


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