Summer 10×10 | Outfit 7



Hi, happy Tuesday!

It’s just a quick one from me today, as there’s a pizza in the oven with my name on it : )

Today has been another standard day – work, dog walk then relaxing at home in the evening. I chose this outfit as it’s super easy to throw on and go – practically zero styling required at all.

It’s another hot one today, 26°C and muggy. Pretty sure we’re due a thunderstorm later on tonight!


Style notes: Practically zero styling required here – one of the many reasons I love this outfit. The dress is a nice relaxed fit, so is nice and cool when the weather just makes you sweat constantly! Birkenstocks will always be a winner in my opinion, they are actually like wearing slippers all day and when it’s warm and dry I’m sure they never leave my feet. A couple of simple elements take this outfit from basic to a little more fancy – adding a simple silver necklace and throwing my kimono on over the top just add a little bit of interest to an otherwise plain yet comfortable outfit!

Told you it was a quick one! Now, I’m off to indulge in pizza…

See you tomorrow for outfit 8! Can’t believe we’re nearing the end already!


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