Summer 10×10 | Outfit 8





I’m back today with outfit 8 of the #summer10x10 challenge. I didn’t share an outfit yesterday as honestly there was no outfit to share, after a long day at work I came home, cooked dinner and got straight into my pyjamas (for the second time this challenge!). I’m wondering if next time I should do a work based 10×10, or at least include some pieces that I can wear to work so I don’t end up missing days or just having pyjama days : ) what do you think?

Let’s get on with today’s outfit shall we?

The weather today has been a lot cooler – after all the rain last night the air feels a lot fresher and temperatures have been around 18°C all day. Activities this evening include a dog walk (hopefully the rain holds off!), followed by a bit of housework and relaxing at home.



Style notes: Casual and comfy with a hint of nautical thrown in for good measure. I love these jeans cuffed with 2 small rolls in summer, they hit at just the right spot above my ankle – couple this with the front tuck of the t-shirt and it helps to elongate my legs. The t-shirt has the v neckline which brings a little femininity to the look. I also chose accessories – shoes, belt, bag – all in black to ground the lighter tones and bring it all together.

This outfit is perfect for me today, super comfy and practical yet still stylish enough to potentially venture out to the pub quiz later!

See you tomorrow for outfit 9!


2 thoughts on “Summer 10×10 | Outfit 8

  1. I really like your looks. Especially look 1, with the pop of color. I’d be curious what colors look best on your skin tone? Too, how you feel when you wear them? I’ve noticed a lot of minimalist stay away from the rich, vibrant colors & steer more toward earthy tones. I look best in the bright, icy tones. Btw, where to find your belt & bag? I like both🤗!

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  2. Thank you! I wear a lot of neutrals to be honest, and just have one or two colours in each capsule so for summer it’s blush pink and this burgundy colour. I do love a bit of colour but I only wear toned down versions of colour so nothing too bright! I don’t know why, just personal preference I think 😊
    The bag and belt are both old, bag from topshop and belt was matalan I believe! x


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