Summer 10×10 | Outfit 10 + wrap up

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend!

We were super busy all weekend working at a food festival with our friends street food business, hence why I didn’t get around to sharing a final look from the #summer10x10 challenge.

I guess really this post should be called something along the lines of ‘Wrap up and a bonus outfit’ because truth be told, I haven’t worn this outfit over the weekend. I feel like this time around life has taken the front seat and some outfits have been missed, but hey ho, it’s all a part of the learning curve, right? Next time there’s a 10×10 challenge, I’ll probably include some work appropriate pieces too, so there’s a lot more flexibility and that way outfits won’t be missed : )



Style notes: Nice and simple here, after a whole load of monochrome outfits, we’ve got a splash of colour to finish the challenge. I absolutely adore this brick red shade, and the fact that the material is a linen/cotton blend makes it a winner for warmer days. This time around, I tucked the t-shirt into the skirt the whole way around, but I can’t say I’m won over. It’s a little too neat and finished for my liking. However I do like the silver shoes and silver necklace paired together to add some nice highlights to the outfit : )



Wrap up time!

I always have so much fun taking part in these challenges, it’s such a great way to look at your clothes and discover just how much you can actually do with so little. Even when it doesn’t go quite to plan – that’s all part of the fun : )

Here’s a quick recap of what I included in my 10 pieces:


You can find shopping links for available pieces here.

And the 10 outfits I made from them:
wrap up.jpg

Let’s get down to it!

1. Why did you do the challenge?

Having previously taken part in the Winter and Spring versions, I was keen to give the Summer one a go too. In the past I’ve discovered new outfit combinations and silhouettes that I’ve ended up loving, so although I didn’t set myself a particular style goal this time around, I was secretly hoping I would discover a killer new combination (FYI, I think I found it in outfit 9!). 

2. Why did you choose these 10 pieces?

I wanted to have a good selection of pieces so I could cover all bases. I included some old favourites like the jeans and birkenstocks, but threw a couple of new shapes in there like the denim skirt and slip dress. The denim skirt is a new addition this season and I was struggling to find the confidence to wear it as it’s so short and outside of my comfort zone, so I wanted to include as a way to almost force myself to wear it and find the style that worked for me!

3. Did your clothes work for the weather?

For the most part, yes. Unfortunately towards the end of the challenge, July suddenly became January and this played a part in why I didn’t finish the challenge as well. I mean seriously, wellies and waterproofs were needed! Welcome to the Great British Summer.

4. Did you wear anything that wasn’t included in your 10 pieces?

Yes, work wear, pyjamas and any gym wear always carry on as normal. I also reached for my denim jacket on a couple of occasions to throw on over the top.

5. What outfit was your favourite?

I think it’s a toss up between five and six. Five is a typical summer time outfit for me and is one I felt most myself in. Six on the other hand was probably the one furthest outside of my comfort zone but I actually ended up loving it!

6. What did you learn from doing the challenge?

Considering I didn’t really set myself any goals I think I learned a lot, both about my personal style and about the challenge in general. Looking back at the outfits, I can see two clear styles that I lean towards in Summer, if not all year round. Bohemian – tassels, fringing, lace – and Classic – basic t-shirts and denim. I love that my wardrobe has pieces in both styles so that I can mix and match as I choose, and doing the 10×10 challenge has reminded me of that.
This time around, I didn’t actually finish the challenge because of other commitments, weather, or just having a long day followed by pyjamas only. But that’s OK, I’ve taken this on board and next time I’ll definitely be doing a 10×10 that includes work wear pieces too : )

Just a quick note now to say thanks to Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Unfancy for hosting this challenge, it’s always a blast! And particularly the community around this challenge now, so much support and kindness it really is an honour to take part with you all! : )

I’m taking a short break now, we are going on a camping adventure for a few days, so will be back to posting again next week.

Have a lovely week!


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