Packing Series | Camping in the Cotswolds

This week marked the first week of the summer holidays, meaning Glyn now has 6 wonderful weeks off from work. Lucky, right? I usually take at least one weeks holiday around the same time, so that we have a solid week together to be able to do something.

As much as I would have loved to be jetting off somewhere hot and sunny, it just wasn’t realistic for us this year, so instead we decided to have a little ‘staycation’ and drove just a couple of hours from where we live to the Cotswolds, and set up camp for a few quiet days.

Today I thought I’d just quickly share with you what I took and the outfits I wore. I needed to take as little as possible due to space, but also we had no idea what we would actually want to do once we got there so I needed to cover a few different activities, as well as include some practical pieces – camping in the English summer time, there’s going to be rain!

So, here’s what I took with me:
camping in cotswolds

I just took one pair of jeans, and included leggings for comfort ie. when relaxing at the campsite in the evenings, or going for a walk in the countryside. The insulated jacket was a must, although the weather was pretty kind to us, in the evenings the temperature dropped quite dramatically, so this was perfect to keep me warm and cosy.

And here’s the outfits I wore:
cotswolds outfits

We had a really lovely, relaxing few days away and got to explore some towns and cities that we’d never been to before. As I said, we were pretty lucky with the weather – mostly around 18-20°C with sunny spells and a few showers, so the pieces I took definitely did the job! : )

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and if you’re off on holiday soon then have a wonderful time!


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