Life update




It’s been a while since I shared anything on here, so I thought I would just do a short post to reacquaint myself with the idea of a blog.

The last couple of months have gone by so fast. There’s been a new job, new tattoo, numerous events and anything else you can think of thrown in the mix as well.

About a month ago, I started a new job. After working in retail for 10 years, and having a partner who has a structured Monday-Friday job, I finally made the move to an office based Monday – Friday routine, and I’ve got to say, I am loving it! I’m really enjoying the job, plus the fact that I now have every weekend to spend as I choose with Glyn and our friends and family is a much welcomed bonus.

I’m finding the transition in my wardrobe to be the only issue. Having only ever had uniforms or a casual ‘wear what you like’ approach to work wear, trying to now dress for the office has been a bit of a struggle to tell you the truth! However, I think I’m finally getting there, thanks to some helpful tips some of you shared with me on Instagram. So be sure to keep an eye out for my work wear capsule which I’m excited to share with you all soon!

We’ve also been helping out with our friends street food business at weekend food festivals, which has been crazy!

So anyway, just a little about this outfit.

Pulled this one out of the bag from a few I shot a while ago, over the Summer this was a typical outfit for me. I love the cream + black + cognac colour combination, and it’s something I’ll no doubt be repeating throughout Autumn as well. Unfortunately, the camis and bardot tops have long been packed away into storage, and I’ve been slowly transitioning into my Autumn capsule, resulting in picking a few pieces up at the weekend to finish it off, but more on that later!

So, what’s coming next on The Casual Stylist?

Of course, I have my Autumn capsule wardrobe to share with you! Plus my office wear capsule, some weekend packing lists, plus lots and lots of outfit inspiration.

So tell me, are you transitioning into Autumn clothes where you are? Or are you already there? What do you like to wear to the office? I’d love to hear from you!


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