Autumn/Winter 2017-18 capsule planning & inspiration

Can you believe we’re in November already?

In the UK, it feels as though we’ve been cruising through gorgeous Autumnal weather for the last few weeks, but now we’ve arrived in November we’ve been greeted with rain, cold and today it even hailed for a bit.

With the recent change in weather it’s got me thinking more about my Autumn capsule, and I’ve decided that this time around I’m going to try and run with a smaller capsule for a longer period. Here’s why:

  • Weather – Where I live, we tend to have very similar weather from November right through til around March. Temperatures vary but usually stay below 10°C, and it’s not until April when this will start to rise, signalling the start of Spring. This is when I will next review my capsule!
  • Need less – Now that I’m working in an office Monday – Friday, I have a lot less time where I’m wearing my own non-work clothes. Weekend activities and a couple of evenings out per week just don’t justify a wardrobe overhaul after 3 months.
  • Spend less – Since last Autumn, I’ve gained weight. Pieces I had last year that would have been perfectly fine unfortunately no longer fit. So I’ve had to buy a few more pieces than I would have liked going into these colder months. With that in mind, I’ve no intention to add any more to my wardrobe now until Spring arrives.


(all images from Pinterest)

As I do every time I’m due a wardrobe update, I turn to Pinterest (follow me here) for initial ideas. This year I’ve found I’m drawn to creams and beiges rather than white, along with the usual grey, black and denim. I haven’t really found myself looking at any prints or patterns other than stripes, so instead I’ll look to textures to create interest in my outfits.

I’ve chosen 3 keywords that best describe the kind of vibe I’m going for. Each piece in my wardrobe should allow me to create outfits that fit one of these descriptions. Cosy (think chunky knits, warm scarves and lots of layering), relaxed (oversized knits, boxy tops and comfy jeans) and organic (neutral colour palette, textured pieces and natural fabrics).

Colour palettecolours

Once again, I’ve gone for a neutral base with lots of cream, grey and black, with accents of warm tones such as burgundy and rust. It’s such a cliche, but I’m always drawn to beautiful berry tones for Autumn/Winter, so let’s embrace it! You’ll find a few pieces in these colours in my capsule.

New in
As I mentioned above, this year I’ve bought more pieces than I would have liked to due to weight gain. My classic breton stripe and check shirt needed replacing (don’t worry, the old ones have found happy new homes!) which gave me the opportunity to invest in high quality pieces made from natural fabrics. I’ve purchased from a mixture of ethical brands and high street retailers, yet every piece has been well thought out and will be heading to and beyond it’s 30 wears.

So, I guess all that’s left is to share my final capsule with you all! Be sure to check back as I’ll be posting this very soon!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on planning capsules. Do you stick to a strict capsule? Do you buy all at once, or spread purchases throughout the months? Do you keep a 3 month capsule, or a 6 month? And how do you plan for yours? Let me know!


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